Youtube Vlogging – Shane Dawson Camera

Shane Dawson camera

Youtube Vlogging – Shane Dawson Camera

Shane Lee Dawson was born on July 19th, 1988. He is an YouTube celebrity, actor, author, comedian, singer, songwriter and film director. He made his big break on Youtube creating comedy videos with recurring characters like Ned the Nerd and Shananay. Shane has also done his fair share of celebrity impersonations like Paris Hilton, Sara Palin, and Justin Bieber. His YouTube channels now collectively have more than 17 million subscribers and over 3 billion views.

He grew up in Long Beach, California and attended school at Lakewood High School. As a teenager, he suffered from an ill-fated home life with abusive parents. His two older siblings Jerid and Jacob helped him get through these difficult times. Despite being bullied for being overweight as well, Shane was able to remain a positive individual and began creating videos for school projects with friends.

In March of 2008 he launched his own Youtube channel called ShaneDawsonTV. His first video was released three months later called “Hodini’s Street Magic”. At the time, Shane worked at Jenny Craig but got fired after posting a video of him pole dancing in the building. This also lead to several other employees including his mother and brother whom also worked there. His most viewed video is “Fred is Dead!” which he created during this time and boasts over 24 million views.

Shane’s channels slowly grew over time due to his consistency, great personality, and humor. He has gone on to collaboraet with iJustine, TheFineBros, Tyler Oakley and many more Youtube celebrities. Forbes magazine even named him the 25th most famous web celebrity in 2010. For the aspiring videographers and vloggers, this is what Camera Shane Dawson uses.

Shane Dawson Camera

Canon EOS 5D Mark III.

If you love creating videos then investing into a high end camera is worth while. If you’ve read our other articles on popular vloggers then you’ll know how popular the Mark II is but Shane utilizes the Mark III. It’s a 22.3 megapixel camera with a supercharged EOS performance, offers full frame shots, high definition images, and more. Its auto focus is done through a special optical 61-point high density system. Whether you are shooting in the studio, walking around the city, or at a wedding, you’ll find this camera can do every job amazingly.


  • 22.3 megapixels with a full frame CMOS sensor.
  • Continually shoot up to 6 frames per second.
  • 61 point auto focusing system.
  • ISO in the 100 to 25600 range.
  • 1080p high definition.
  • 3.2″ LCD screen.

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