TSM Smak PUBG Setup

TSM SmaK Setup

TSM Smak PUBG Setup

  • Name: Austin “SmaK” Haggett
  • Team: Team SoloMid
TSM Smak Mouse Settings
  • DPI: 400
  • General sensitivity: 52
  • Scoping sensitivity: 35
  • 2x: 35
  • 4x: 35
  • 8x: 35
  • 15x: 35
  • Targeting sensitivity: 35
  • Vehicle sensitivity: 50
TSM Smak Video Settings
  • Refresh rate: 180hz
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
TSM Smak Keyboard

Logitech G Pro

  • Pro grade mechanical keyboard to step up your gaming performance.
  • Romer G switches are 25% faster than standard mechanical keys.
  • Sleek and portable to bring to friends houses or LANs.

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TSM Smak Mouse

Logitech G403

  • Advanced gaming mouse.
  • High accuracy for FPS games.
  • Removable 10 gram weight.

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TSM Smak Mousepad

Logitech G640

  • Consistent texture surface for the best mouse traction.
  • Soft material so it’s easy on your hands and wrist.

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TSM Smak Monitor



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Also used by: TSM BreaK, Froggen
TSM Smak Headset

Logitech G533

  • Pro grade drivers and surround system so you can hear every detail when gaming.
  • Pro grade wireless audio capabilities.
  • Durable, lightweight and comfortable for long gaming sessions.

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Featured image credit: TSM SmaK Twitter

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