Top 5 E-Readers For Bookworms

Top 5 E-Readers For Bookworms

Reading should be in every man’s routine to learn about new topics, expand our vocabulary, and improve brain function. Whether you are on the go or at home, these e-readers are perfect for any bookworm needing a good read.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

The Kindle Paperwhite E-reader boasts twice as many pixels as the previous generation with 300 ppi, making everything on the screen much more clear. Paperwhite is made to have no glare unlike other e-readers which keeps you reading longer and more comfortably without interruption. A single charge can last up to 6 weeks so there isn’t any rushing to find your charger or issues if you don’t have one on the go. You won’t be experiencing any eyestrain either as Paperwhite features a built-in front light unlike back-lit readers that hurt your eyes.

Kindle E-reader

Enjoy this e-reader that reads like a printed page with clear and sharp text. Even in direct sunlight you will not experience any glare with its high contrast touchscreen. Blue light from back-lit screens can disturb your ability to sleep which is why this Kindle E-reader emits no light. It is 11% thinner and 16% lighter than previous generations so it is easy to enjoy a book where ever you go.

Apple iPad Mini 2

The 7.9″ Retina Display makes its debut on the iPad mini, maintaining its enormous 2048 x 1536 native resolution. At 326 pixels per inch, the Retina Display can show up to 3.1 million pixels at a time. The Retina Display is also a capacitive touchscreen so you’ll be able to utilize all the multi-touch gestures of iOS 7. Its smaller form factor makes it easier to hold in one hand. The iPad mini comes in a silver finish.

Fire HD 10 Tablet

Choose from millions of Kindle e-book and magazine titles. Connect with the largest online community of book lovers on Goodreads while you’re at it. With a quad-core processor your apps, books, movies, and more will launch in lightening speed. The Fire HD table also features Alexa which provides quick access to anything you want on your device.

Kindle Voyage E-reader

At just 7.6mm thin, you can comfortably hold Kindle Voyage in one hand for long reading sessions. It features a micro-etched glass screen to eliminate glare and has laser-quality text. PagePress enables you to simply press the bezel to turn pages so you don’t have to lift a finger. Page Flip also saves pages you leave off of when you zoom out, visit other pages, or view thumbnails so you can always return where you were.