TimtheTatman Streaming Setup and Gear

There’s never a dull moment when your watching TimTheTatman’s stream.

Known for his high octane gameplay and personality, Tim bounces between shooters, streaming to his massive fan base as well as upload some of the best highlights on his YouTube channel.

His stream is sporadic, hilarious, filled with memes and top notch gameplay. Not many streamers can manage to be so entertaining while also playing at an extremely high skill level.

His commitment to Twitch, and the gratitude he has for the community makes him a great mentor to any new streamers looking to grow their fanbase in a positive, fun, and exciting way.

Read on for a full gear overview, and check out his Twitch stream here.

TimtheTatman Gaming Setup

TimtheTatman keyboard

Over the last few years and iterations, the Razer BlackWidow has evolved to become the premier choice for gamers around the world, including Tim.

In games like CounterStrike and Overwatch, split time execution is everything, and the Razer BlackWidow fills that need as the world’s first mechanical switch designed from the ground up specifically for gaming.

Whether in your room or at a tournament, the Chroma backlighting addition gives you freedom to express yourself, and more importantly line up your keyboard color with your desktop LEDs.

This isn’t only Tim’s choice of keyboard, to a variety of esports athletes, streamers, and average gamers, the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2, Silent RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard can take your game to the next level.

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Also used by: Grimmmz, Towelliee, Munchkin, TheSyndicateProject, PewDiePie, JoshOG, Imaqtpie, Cookiezi, TBNRfrags, Juankorea, Scoom, Ollywood, Hayz

TimtheTatman mouse

Perhaps the most important tool of any FPS player, the Razer DeathAdder is designed to meet the exacting demands of the esports elite.

It utilizes cutting edge technology, researched ergonomics, and extended durability to offer the full solution for gamers.

Just like the keyboard, the multi color functionality allows you to sync it up with your other devices, or display your personality as you take on the competition.

TimTheTatman’s mouse isn’t some over the top mouse running a massive budget, but instead a solid choice that’s consistent, affordable, and provides you with precision accuracy you need.

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Also used by: Jacksepticeye, JackFrags, Markiplier, FaZe Rug, Savjz, JoshOG, DrDisRespect, PewDiePie, Imaqtpie, TBNRfrags

TimtheTatman mouse pad

Are you utilizing your table to the fullest? For FPS precision, using broad sweeping mouse movements allows for better aiming compared to cramped fidgety shots.

Low sensitivity means bigger movements, and the ideal mouse pad gives you that space to be an MVP If you have the space for it, the Razer Gigantus is the perfect mousepad, prepared with a massive surface area, and extra thick material means extra durability.

Tim uses this mouse pad across CounterStrike, Overwatch, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and any other game he plays at a high level.

Also used by: Scoom, Hayz, Ollywood

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TimtheTatman headset

For someone that streams on such a consistent basis, Tim needs headphones that can keep up.

The ATH-AG1X puts gaming audio at the forefront for this headset, with 53mm drivers with double air damping system, booming with defined audio and deep, resonating bass.

Hear players coming from any direction in highly sensitive quality, or blast music while you quest the night away.

Anyone that plays for extended periods of time knows the frustration with bad headphones and how it hurts their ears. The extremely soft earpads ensure a comfortable, secure fit that lets you focus on the match at hand.

The high-end gooseneck microphone allows for integrated communication, which rejects ambient noise so your voice rings through crystal clear.

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More about TimtheTatman

Tim sets himself apart from his contemporaries by bringing a consistently funny voice to fast paced gameplay. He’s been able to develop a strong supporter base called #thetatmanarmy that have followed him for years, regardless of the game he plays.

His personality shines through, but his skill can’t be counted out. By uploading to YouTube on a consistent basis, hes able to reach out to new fans that might not be able to tune into the stream, a great way to keep connected with the extended fanbase. Any other high performance streamers you think we should cover?