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Jake Paul camera and vlogging gear

Jake Paul Camera, Vlogging Gear, and Biography

From Cleveland, Ohio to Los Angeles, California, Jake Paul has had an awesome rise to fame on YouTube. Him and his brother Logan Paul are both successful vloggers and content creators, boasting over 10 million subscribers each. Jake was born on January, 17th, 1997 making him 20 years old. He is son to Greg Paul, a relator and Pam Stepnick, who is a registered nurse. In September of 2013, he had been posting funny videos on the app Vine which [...]

Danisnotonfire camera

Danisnotonfire Camera, Bio And More

You’re probably more familiar with Daniel James Howell’s YouTube name, Danisnotonfire. He was born on June 11th, 1991 and is an established British vlogger and radio personality. He boasts over 6 million subscribers and first uploaded back in October of 2009 when encouraged by friends like Phil Lester to begin making videos. Dan also has another channel around the 2 million subscriber mark named danisnotinteresting where he broadcasts weekly live shows. Mr. Howell was born in Wokingham, Berkshire, England and also has a [...]

Shonduras Camera, Skateboard, Life Advice

When you watch a Shonduras vlog one thing is certain, you’re going to have fun. Shaun is able to bring a sense of genuine happiness to every piece of content he produces, and he will happily admit that has been the key to his success. From his years of action sports, to his keen eye for social media marketing for brands, Shonduras is the whole package. Shaun leads the charge in Snapchat marketing for brands, carving out a unique angle [...]