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TSM SmaK Setup

TSM Smak PUBG Setup

Name: Austin “SmaK” Haggett Team: Team SoloMid TSM Smak Mouse Settings DPI: 400 General sensitivity: 52 Scoping sensitivity: 35 2x: 35 4x: 35 8x: 35 15x: 35 Targeting sensitivity: 35 Vehicle sensitivity: 50 TSM Smak Video Settings Refresh rate: 180hz Resolution: 1920 x 1080 TSM Smak Keyboard Logitech G Pro Pro grade mechanical keyboard to step up your gaming performance. Romer G switches are 25% faster than standard mechanical keys. Sleek and portable to bring to friends houses or LANs. Get it on Amazon TSM Smak Mouse Logitech G403 Advanced gaming mouse. High accuracy for FPS games. Removable 10 gram weight. Get it on Amazon TSM Smak [...]