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Top 3 Gaming Mouse Pads In 2017

If you want to achieve higher accuracy, precision, and skill in gaming then you need a proper mouse pad. Without one you will not perform as well for the simple fact you have less mouse traction. Here are our top 5 gaming mouse pads in 2017. Razer Firefly Chroma   In order to achieve the perfect balance between control and speed, the Razer Firefly features a hard, micro-textured finish that gives you pinpoint accuracy and effortless speed. The precise, consistent surface ensures your [...]

reckful gaming setup

Reckful Gaming Setup, Bio, & More

Byron Bernstein is a professional gamer, live streamer, and entertainer better known as his alias ‘Reckful’. His popularity had a huge growth spurt during his time playing the MMORPG World of Warcraft. He was unarguably one of the best players to ever grace the game, earning the #1 rank multiple times. From there he has dominated professional poker and other online games such as Hearthstone. Since Byron is most well known for his impact in the gaming community, we’re [...]

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

The Worlds Most Popular Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder Chroma Favored by esports athletes the world over, the Razer DeathAdder has established itself globally as the best gaming mouse. Renowned for its ergonomic design, swift responsiveness, and rock-solid build quality, this beloved mouse embodies the absolute best elements a gamer needs to dominate in any game. Now with Razer Chroma customizable lighting, the latest version of this iconic mouse not only performs the way you want it to, it looks that way as well.  Details: Perfectly designed to fit snugly [...]