MOLNMAN PUBG Settings & Gear

Name: Björn “MOLNMAN” Won Hak Jansson Former team: Team Liquid MOLNMAN Mouse Settings DPI: 1000 General sensitivity: 37 Scoping sensitivity: 37 2x: 37 4x: 37 8x: 37 15x: 27 Targeting sensitivity: 37 Vehicle sensitivity: 54 MOLNMAN Video Settings Refresh rate: 144hz Resolution: 1920 x 1080 MOLNMAN Mouse Razer DeathAdder   Get it on Amazon  Also used by: Jacksepticeye, JackFrags, Markiplier, Savjz, PewDiePie, JoshOG, DrDisRespect, TimtheTatman, Imaqtpie, TBNRfrags, FaZe Karrigan, FaZe Rug, Scoom, Ollywood MOLNMAN Mousepad Zowie Swift Soft rubber surface. Makes you more accurate Get it on Amazon MOLNMAN Keyboard Zowie Celeritas Plug and play. High quality iron springs and anti double press. Red backlit keys. Get it on Amazon MOLNMAN Monitor BenQ [...]