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Top 5 Men’s Fashion Blogs We Recommend

If you have a love for fashion and reading then you’re in luck. Wisetech Report has put together a list of the top 10 fashion blogs for men you should check out today. Browsing through these will help you improve your style and teach you a thing or two about fashion. #1 – Pierro Shoes Pierro Shoes is a GQ Magazine featured men’s boutique and blog. If you want to shop shoes, this is the place to go. They offer handmade [...]

Modern Watch Simplicity – The Braun Ceramic Analog Display Watch

Braun is a classic brand is is known for its ability to craft refined watches, and this is no exception. This minimal black watch is essential for anyone looking for a new daily wrist wear piece. Not only for its style and design, but the Braun Ceramic Analog Display Watch is an investment for a long term watch made with Japanese quartz. Simplicity Is Complex Apple products have been known for their simple design, but as many know being that minimalist is [...]

$20 Tommy Hilfiger Ranger Wallet

Tommy Hilfiger Ranger Wallet Tommy Hilfiger is a recognized brand by fashion lovers all over the globe. Their wallets are stylish, high quality, and will keep everything you need on a daily basis. This ranger wallet specifically has an unbeatable price for what you receive. If you’re in need of a new wallet that is simplistic and modern, you can’t go wrong this one from Tommy Hilfiger. Details: 100% Cowhide leather Imported 100% Leather lining 3.5″ high 4.5″ wide Bifold wallet featuring embossed logo on pebbled strip Removable pass [...]