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DJI Mavic Pro – Casey Neistat’s Favorite Drone

Drone of choice for Youtube Vlogger Casey Neistat, the DJI Mavic’s stunning footage is featured in many of his videos. The nimble quad offers impressive battery life and extreme portability without compromising on breathtaking 4k aerial shots. Whether you’re buzzing around on your Boosted Board or filming the city skyline, the Mavic is a quad-lover’s dream! Compact and Portable Lugging around a hefty drone and controller is a thing of the past with the Mavic. The collapsible body makes it the [...]

Top 5 Drones For Under $100

Drones are fun gadget to play around with when you have a few hours to yourself or want to capture some amazing shots. While some drones are more on the expensive side, there are still great ones available for less than $100 which we compiled for you. Holy Stone HS170 Predator This is an easy to use and easy to master drone which makes it excellent for beginners. With a 6-point gyro stabilization system, it is always very stable in air. [...]