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Cryptocurrency and gaming

How Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain Could Impact the Gaming World – Guest Post

With the rise of Bitcoin and all other variations of crypto making a splash in the online world, it shouldn’t take long for this new economy to collide with another virtual medium that already has one of the biggest economies the world has: video games. And it hasn’t taken long at all, like the Refereum ICO which is just the foot in the door of possibilities. The greater ambition of the blockchain doesn’t just stop with making your real life wallets bigger [...]

Best cryptocurrency mining hardware

Best Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware – Ultimate List

With cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin on the rise, you might want to start investing before you miss out. For those that don’t want to spend money investing into actual coins, you can begin mining them for free with the use of special hardware. We’re going to get into what exactly cryptocurrency mining is and the best mining hardware you can get your hands on. How does cryptocurrency mining work? When you mine a cryptocurrency, you are essentially using a mix [...]