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C9 Chappie PUBG settings

C9 Chappie PUBG Settings & Gear

Name: Justin “Chappie” Andrews Team: Cloud9 C9 Chappie Viss Mouse Settings DPI: 800 General sensitivity: 24 Scoping sensitivity: 24 2x: 24 4x: 24 8x: 24 15x: 24 Targeting sensitivity: 24 Vehicle sensitivity: 24 C9 Chappie Video Settings Refresh rate: 240hz Resolution: 1920 x 1080 C9 Chappie Monitor BenQ XL2540 Get the smoothest gameplay you’ve ever experienced. 1ms response time and 240hz refresh rate. Shields help block out distractions. Get it on Amazon C9 Chappie Mouse Logitech G703   Get it on Amazon Also used by: TSM Viss C9 Chappie Keyboard Logitech G Pro Get it on Amazon Also used by: TSM SmaK, Doublelift, TSM Viss, CDNThe3rd, TSM BreaK, TSM [...]

C9 Shroud gaming gear

Shroud Setup for Slaying Noobs

Mike Grzesiek is better known as his username “shroud” and as being a part of the professional team Cloud9. Since it’s launch he has been dominating the scene and rose to popularity by streaming on Twitch.tv. He was born on June 2nd, 1994 making him 23 years old and he is from Toronto, Canada. Shroud has also shown off his talent in ESEA-M with teams Slow Motion, Exertus, and Manajuma. Along with his success in ESEA-M, streaming on Twitch.tv definitely [...]

C9 Sneaky

C9 Sneaky Keyboard, Mouse, Headset & More

Anyone that has been following the League scene for a while is aware of Sneaky. Zachary Scuederi is his real name and he was born on March 19th, 1994 in the United States. He is a staple of North American LCS, and an overall great guy, he has turned his passion for gaming into a great carrer playing for C9. Scuderi has built up a huge following in his own personal stream as well, averaging about 14,000 viewers during [...]