SKT1 Faker Gaming Gear, Setup & More!

SKT1 Faker Gaming Gear, Setup & More!

SKT1 Faker might be the most technically skilled player not only in League of Legends but eSports in general. He’s carried his team to multiple world championships, and streams to thousands of viewers who flock to see his technical skill. Being in the mid lane has really allowed Fakers skills to shine, using flash manouvers on Zed and other characters that keeps casters screaming and fans watching every time hes on stream. With SKT1 being sponsored by Corsair, Faker has handpicked his new favorite gear, which you can learn more about down below.

What mouse does SKT1 Faker use?


Corsair Sabre RBG Mouse.

You need clean and precise mouse movement to execute the same way Faker does. The lightweight Corsair Gaming Sabre RGB 10000 DPI gaming mouse is designed from the ground up to be accurate and consistent. Configurable buttons and customizable color back lighting allows you to tweak your hardware to match your desktop setup or gaming specifications. Farm minions quicker and click your opponents before they do to get ahead of your competition.

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What keyboard does SKT1 Faker use?

Corsair K70 LuX.

The Corsair K70 LuX is a keyboard designed for someone that knows exactly what they want, and needs a customizable keyboard to execute. Mix and match cherry MX switches so you have the exact responsiveness you need, making a satisfying gaming session. Programmable advanced lighting and large font keycaps allow you to tweak color and keys to match the games you play most. Finally, its rugged aluminum body makes it heavy duty and durable, letting you take it to LCS matches or down the road to your friends house without damage.

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Also used by: Summit1g, Sodapoppin, Valkia, DrDisRespect

What headset does SKT1 Faker use?

Corsair VOID.

SKT1 Faker doesen’t just play League, he lives and breathes League. Someone practicing for that long needs a headset designed for marathon gaming sessions. The Corsair VOID Surround Headset features highest quality ear cups designed to maximize comfort and ensure long sessions go undisturbed. The mobile connector also allows for plug-and-play with PS4, XboxOne and mobile devices allowing you to take your quality sound on the go.

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What gaming chair does SKt1 Faker use?

DXRacer Racing Series

If you like to really enjoy your gaming sessions or game for long periods, a gaming chair is a worthwhile investment. They are made to keep you comfortable and in a good posture while you wreck your opponents. Every little advantage like this can get you one step closer to getting the kill.

  • Ergonomic design that’s effecient and comfortable so you can game for long hours without any discomfort. It also includes a headrest cushion and lumbar cushion.
  • Strong Mesh and PU material that creates a durable, longlasting chair.
  • adjustable seat and extra high backrest to keep neck and spine in optimal position.
  • Adjustable shoulder and wrist areas.

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Here are some of the best plays Faker has made in League!

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