Sjow Hearthstone Stream Setup

If you are a veteran to esports, theres a good chance you’ve heard of Sjow. Jeffrey Brusi is a pro hearthstone player currently playing for Team Liquid, but had previously been known for his Terran play in SC2. Even in Starcraft you could tell Sjow’s core talent was slow methodical decision making, which translates perfectly over to hearthstone. After his run with Team Dignitas he pivoted games and the rest has been history.

You can regularly catch him streaming on Twitch, with a chill and laidback stream. He regularly dives into his methodology behind decision making, with a bit of trolling to balance it out. Don’t let the calm and quiet demeanor fool you though, Sjow regularly ranks high grandmaster at the end of most seasons, solidifying his place in the hearthstone community.

Read on for a profile on the gear he uses while streaming as a hearthstone pro:

What mouse does Sjow use?

Razer Abyssus

If you’re looking for a gaming mouse with accessibility at its core, the Abyssus should be your first choice. It’s ambidextrous design accounts for left handed gamers as well lets you snipe enemies from across the map no matter the hand you use. The rubber padding on either side is a nice touch for easy mouse pickups or swipes, adding an added layer of movement most mice wont offer.

As is classic with most Razer products, multi-color options account for whatever LED setup your desktop or keyboard are. For a price to value comparison this mouse is a big win in our books.

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What mousepad does Sjow use?

Razer Goliathus Speed

The Razer Goliathus is one of our most refrenced mouse pads and for good reason, pro gamers across communities respect the heavy quality of the materials and its oversize dimensions. Don’t confuse its soft cloth-based design for cheap, as this mousepad is designed for the hardcore user in mind. Its strong rubber base ensures no slipping, for precise actions and movements. Razer has been hard at work developing a durable and solid mousepad, making sure this peripheral will be on your desk for a long time.

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What gaming chair does Sjow use?

Maxnomic by NeedforSeat

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