Sacriel PC and Streaming Setup – Ultimate Guide

Sacriel streaming setup

Sacriel PC and Streaming Setup – Ultimate Guide

I remember watching Sacriel years back when he was wrecking noobs on DayZ with his team of snipers. He had a small following and played for fun but overtime his commitment has made his streams one of the most watched on Twitch. I’m pleased to see him doing so well so today’s article will focus on Sacriel’s PC and streaming setup for aspiring content creators.

Who is Sacriel?

Chris also known as Sacriel42 is a Twitch streamer, YouTuber and hardcore gamer from Cotswold District, England. While working as a product manager at an internet service provider, Chris always dreamed of becoming a professional streamer. Balancing the two was a tough task so he made the plunge to pursue gaming full time and use his savings to survive. With the help of his fanbase, Sacriel grew his channel, income and community substantially in a few years time.

He started out streaming DayZ back when the original mod for Arma II was released in 2012. It had tons of bugs, glitches, hackers and problems but in a way that is what made it so fun. It wasn’t perfect and it required a lot of skill and teamwork to get the best gear.

Chris also has a wife named Shannon from British Columbia, Canada. Ironically she was one of Chris’ first Twitch chat moderators and they eventually met a content creator dinner. They are both 34 years old and have been in love ever since!

To be a successful streamer you need the right equipment like Sacriel so here is a breakdown of everything he uses.

Gaming setup:

PC setup:

Streaming setup:

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