Ricegum Camera Setup & Biography

Bryan Quang Le, better known as Ricegum on YouTube is one of the greatest examples of how much you can be successful as a content creator. He was born on November 19th, 1996 making him 20 years old as of today. Bryan is of Vietnamese and Chinese descent, being raised in Las Vegas before moving to Los Angeles to live in the Clout house. With almost 9 million subscribers and well over 1 billion views, he’s been raking up the cash and building a worldwide brand through YouTube. He has even gotten into rapping with many of his songs blowing up and getting lots of popularity. You’ll often see him along side his good friend FaZe Banks who also vlogs and creates videos for YouTube.

You may not know that Rice started uploading Call of Duty videos back in 2012 because he was deep into gaming. You would normally catch him playing Modern Warfare 3 and commentating his gameplay. Eventually like many he made the move to Twitch and while he gained a lot of traction, he unfortunately(like many as well) had his account terminated for violating the terms of service.

In December of 2015, Rice came back strong on YouTube and didn’t get demotivated from his suspension from Twitch.tv. He created a video series called “These Kids Must Be Stopped” in which he ranted and criticized kids singing on the app musical.ly. It amassed him millions of views and subscribers because it was so entertaining and ultimately was a start off his new YouTube career.

These days he lives in the Clout house with Faze Banks in which people like 21 Savage and Ugly God casually stop by. It’s crazy to think these guys created an amazing brand and business out of just making videos but you can too. Below is the gear Ricegum uses himself if you want to step up your video production and get as big as him.

Ricegum Camera Setup

Sony a7S II.

With internal 4k recording, 5 axis stabilization, high speed auto focus, and incredible low-light capabilities, it’s no wonder Ricegum gets some awesome shots. The A7S II is a camera for the serious YouTuber that features a 12.2 megapixel full frame sensor, high frame rate/resolution, apps and connectivity. It gives you the full production experience to capture all of the moments you want to with no slow down. Your subscribers will be commenting on how high quality your videos are after using this.

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Rode Mic.

Rode has been a popular choice for vloggers, streamers, and content creators in general for its high quality audio. Ricegum uses it himself when you hear his handsome voice and all of the details in the background. For getting all of these little details into your video, you need a quality mic like this to pick up on it.

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Also used by: Casey Neistat, Joe Sugg, Jake Paul, FouseyTube, Pontiacmadeddg, Kandee Johnson

JOBY GorillaPod.

A tripod will allow you to be more creative with your videos. You can set up your camera in certain spots and get a hands-off recording experience when you need it. Ricegum uses the GorillaPod that many successful YouTubers have been spotted with. It’s bendy legs let you manipulate it in any way you like so you can get even more control over your shots. When you are just walking around you can use them as a handle to hold your camera conveniently.

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Also used by: Adam Saleh, Casey Neistat, Jake Paul, Pontiacmadeddg

Sony Vegas.

While it isn’t a piece of hardware for making his videos, we thought we’d still mention it. Ricegum uses Sony Vegas to edit his videos and Wisetech has lots of experience with this software. It has unlimited potential to create not just videos or vlogs but full length movies and complex production. With tons of effects and control over every little variable, you can translate all of those ideas you have into a real thing.

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RomanAtwood Drone

DJI Mavic Pro.

  • Shoots in 1080p or 4k for beautiful drone shots you can put into your videos.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.

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Also used by: Casey Neistat, Charles Trippy, RomanAtwood, FunForLouis, Logan Paul, TheSyndicateProject