Productivity on the go? iEGrow Universal Wireless Smartphone Keyboard

Productivity on the go? iEGrow Universal Wireless Smartphone Keyboard

Have you ever been forced to type an urgent email on the go on the frustrating smartphone touchscreen keyboard? It is a format designed for fast, short messages and anything more than that becomes exhausting. iEGrow was well aware of users concerns when they designed their QWERTY smartphone keyboard, and it is a step above the competition. Fond memories of early Blackberry models with satisfying clicks on each button press are lost to on-screen keyboards that will never respond the same way. Those longing for the tactile feel of real buttons will feel at home with this sleek and sturdy smartphone keyboard.

No longer does a dead laptop leave you unable to write while you look for a plug. Whether its a coffee shop or subway commute,  you can turn any location into an office with a mobile keyboard. The keyboard allows for the fast, natural typing experience in a mobile package.

The Specs

  • The keyboard is 80% size of a regular desktop keyboard, achieving the typing speed you would expect at your desk with much more portability.
  • We loved the universal compatability, not being restricted to one OS or device type. Simply connect to bluetooth and you are ready to write.
  • This models aluminum shell is designed to take a beating. With most smartphone keyboards being cheap plastic, the iEGrow mobile keyboard caught our attention
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iEGrow is the clear winner in the Bluetooth smartphone keyboard race. It’s easy connectivity, solid design and functionality make it our favorite choice.