Phillip DeFranco Camera

Phillip DeFranco camera

Phillip DeFranco Camera

Born December 1st, 1985, Philip James is better known as Philly D or Phillip DeFranco by his fans. He is the host and founder of the famous Phillip DeFrancce show where he he goes over news on politics, pop culture, gossip and current events. It’s a fun way to get caught up on what’s going on around these topics and from a good source like him. He also mixes in his own views but never tries to sway anyone and deplores everybody to think for themselves. With frequent jump cuts and clean humor, watching Phillip is a blast.

He boasts over 2 billion views and 6 million subscribers, making him a huge success on YouTube and a great role model for content creators. You’ll also catch DeFranco on his vlogging channel and even on SourceFed, the Google funded news channel. This year he regained control of all of this channels after selling them and announced he plans to make a network out of it.

Outside of YouTube, Phillip was born in The Bronx, NYC and is of Italian descent. He has studied at the University of South Florida, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College and East Carolina University. Like a lot of us, he jumped around schools figuring out what he wanted to do. In 2007 when he was just starting to make videos, DeFranco worked in restaurants to earn a living and even lived in his car for a period of time. Even through that, he continued his hustle and is one of the biggest YouTuber’s to date. We wanted to also touch on the camera he uses for the Phillip DeFranco Show which is believed to be a variant of the Canon C100 series below.

Phillip Defranco Camera

Canon EOS C100 Cinema.

This is a camera for the very serious content creator that wants nothing but the best. The C100 is designed for documentaries, news, films and other high demand video fields. It utilizes a new continuous auto-focus function through its lens and dual pixel CMOS technology. This means you won’t experience any blurring or shots getting out of focus in the heat of the moment. The 35mm Canon CMOS sensor and DIGIC image processor takes from its older brother the C300. The result? Image quality like you’ve never seen before and guaranteed to be complimented by your audience. The c100 also records 1080p video up to 24 Mbps, supports dual memory cords and much more. It’s no wonder how Phillip gets such impressive video quality when he has a camera like this.

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