Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Under $50: The Ecoxgear EcoPebble


Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Under $50: The Ecoxgear EcoPebble

The EcoPebble is a great name for this durable speaker. It’s designed from the ground up to handle whatever weather you throw at it. The little box also packs a punch with sound volume and quality. So many portable speakers throw around the word “water-resistant” to describe devices that can handle a little splash. The EcoXGear EcoPebble is fully waterproof, delivering great sound in rainstorms or in the pool.

This device is ready to go out of the box. Simply connect via Bluetooth or Aux cord and you are ready to DJ your next adventure. An excellent camera-style mount at the bottom allows you to sub in this speaker on your bike, surfboard, or wherever else you would normally put a GoPro.

Overall, this little speaker packs a punch in a huge way. Its durable design makes it a go-to for outdoor adventures, camping, hiking, or even picnics. Combine this with great sound and a price point that cant be beat, and you have the perfect speaker system wherever you go.


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