Modern Watch Simplicity – The Braun Ceramic Analog Display Watch

Modern Watch Simplicity – The Braun Ceramic Analog Display Watch

Braun is a classic brand is is known for its ability to craft refined watches, and this is no exception. This minimal black watch is essential for anyone looking for a new daily wrist wear piece. Not only for its style and design, but the Braun Ceramic Analog Display Watch is an investment for a long term watch made with Japanese quartz.

Simplicity Is Complex

Apple products have been known for their simple design, but as many know being that minimalist is perhaps the most complex thing you can do. Every design choice must be poured over in immense detail and looked at from every angle and perspective, and Braun’s design philosophy is no different. The clear 39mm case display is stylistically excellent, and a solid size minimal watch face. The clasp looks great on the wrist, with the solid dark tone accentuating any wardrobe.

Jack of all trades vs. Master of one

The current watch environment is bloated with a variety of cheap gimmicks designed to draw eyes. Watches are continuously promising to measure your BMI, track your sleep, or have an app that goes along with it.  The Braun Ceramic Analog Display Watch was created in order to clear the air on bloated watch design. It’s here to tell time, and look great doing it.



  • All ceramic construction
  • 39mm ceramic case
  • Japanese-quartz movement
  • Case diameter: 39mm
  • Water resistant to 99 feet
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