LIRIK Stream Setup, Gaming Gear, Bio & More!

LIRIK Stream Setup, Gaming Gear, Bio & More!

LIRIK is one of the most unique streamers on Twitch, and also one of the most successful. In a world full of streamers that are identified by the game they play, he instead hops from game to game, choosing to let his personality do the talking. LIRIKs streams of DayZ have become stuff of legends, and a ton of memories can be relived on his growing Twitch channel. He currently spends most his streaming time taking requests from his fans on new/unique games he should play.

LIRIK has a clear work ethic, and has put years into streaming games and growing his community to the point its at today. His success has been capped with a massive sponsorship with HyperX, who have signed LIRIK directly under their banner. “HyperX is known for quality products and creating authentic gaming experiences. I’m looking forward to doing big things with HyperX for the growing gaming community.”

Want to learn more about LIRIKs streaming setup? Read below for his new HyperX integration as well as headsets and monitors he personally recommends:

What keyboard does LIRIK use?

The HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Keyboard

LIRIK is now using and endorsing the HyperX Alloy FPS mechanical gaming keyboard, a sleek and minimalist piece of hardware that is desired for FPS and fast gameplay. For high-performance gaming, the Cherry MX mechanical keys and space saving layout makes it a must pick choice for home or LAN parties. It even comes with a travel pouch designed to protect your keyboard while travelling.

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What mouse does LIRIK use?

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse

The Logitech 6400s is the self described “fastest gaming mouse” tracking speeds over 400 IPS. The 8 programmable buttons make it perfect for recording macros and optimizing your work/gaming environment. Couple that with the HyperX Fury XL gaming mousepad and you have cursor precision to the max. The Fury is made in multiple sizes and thickness, fitting the style and space of any layout. It became a staple in LIRIK’s new setup after partnering with HyperX, and it’s full size desk size makes it perfect for your setup as well.

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What headset does LIRIK use?

Audio Technica M50

The M50 is praised by a variety of streamers as well, mostly around its crisp sound and isolating earcups. Whether its hearing percise sounds in Counter Strike, or blasting music while grinding mobs, these headphones are the perfect choice.

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LIRIK Monitor: BenQ ZOWIE 24″ 1080p LED Full HD 144Hz Gaming Monitor

The new BenQ monitor is a gaming and esports monitor designed for a new generation. They’re designed from the ground up with gaming in mind, and used in professional tournaments in a variety of games. They are desiged to achieve maximum response time, and be easier on your eyes compared to other monitors. Great for editing videos, marathon sessions, or general use, the ZOWIE is WiseTech approved!

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We hope you enjoyed our profile breakdown on Lirik, the legendary streamer.

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