LG Tecnosh Gaming Setup

LG Tecnosh Gaming Setup

Despite PUBG still being in beta, it’s potential for an esport is already beginning to form. With a massive following on Twitch, and it’s users dominating the Steam player charts, it makes sense for organizations to form leagues and determine which team is the best.

Luminosity is one of those teams, announcing a fully Brazilian lineup to compete in PUBG, made up by four popular streaming personalities Tecnosh, SkipNhO, yeTz and aXt. The team was an organic extension from their H1Z1 days, where they learnt each other’s playstyle and simply translated it over to the new Battle Royale fighter.

To celebrate this international teams announcement, we chose to profile Tecnosh and outline his gaming setup below:


What mouse does Tecnosh use?

Logitech G502

Listed as Logitech’s most accurate and responsive mouse ever, this device has been built from the ground up for pure replication of mouse movements onscreen. It provides easy to program keys and colors, allowing you to tailor key bindings to specific games. With 16.8 million colors you’re sure to be able to sync this mouse up with other LED devices. Our streamer profiles frequently feature this mouse, and for good reason. It blends price and quality in a way not many other developers can do.

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Also used by: Anthony Kongphan

Razer Goliathus Speed Mousepad

Material wise, this mousepad is one of the best on the market. Its sturdy and solid surface makes it durable moving from LAN party to cyber café. The rubber base grips to your desk guaranteeing a clean gaming session. With almost 700 reviews on Amazon and with one of the highest ratings among mousepads, this Razer product is clearly the prime choice for gamers all over the world. Regardless of your desk size the Goliathus has you covered, coming in multiple sizes and shapes to accommodate whatever your battles tation.

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What keyboard does Tecnosh use?

Razer Lycosa

The Razer Lycosa has been a gaming staple for a long time now, chances are you have played with someone using this juggernaut of a keyboard thanks to its balance between price accessibility and quality materials. The solid construction makes it the perfect choice to any fast typing heavy fingers. It’s powerful macro capabilities is heaven for any game min-maxer, allowing you to tailor your keystrokes to an optimized rotation.

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Looking for other PUBG players setups? Read our profile on Anthony Kongphan here.


What headphones does Tecnosh use?

Sennheiser GSP 300

The Sennheiser GSP 300 is a great solution for those that want a noise cancelling headphone and don’t want to sacrifice on comfort. A combination of a closed back headset and split headband guarantee your next marathon session will be pain-free on your ears. Never alt tab for audio issues ever again, with a simple mic muting function by pushing up the boom stick, and right ear volume adjustments allowing you to tailor your user experience on the fly.

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What microphone does Tecnosh use?

C1U Behringer


Never has recording content been so accessible. With amazing USB microphones such as the C1U Behringer providing a cost-effective option for those getting into streaming or even just talking on skype while gaming. Simple plug and play device settings, and sound quality far above most mics in the same price range, it makes sense that it is the go-to device for podcasters and youtubers.

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