Kripparrian Stream Setup and Gear

Kripparrian Stream Setup and Gear

Octavian “Kripparrian” Morosan is a streamer and YouTuber, known mostly for his hardcore approach to any game he touches. After tearing apart Path of Exile and Diablo 3, Kripp turned his focus to the online card game Hearthstone. The change has exploded his channels growth, where hordes of people tune in to watch him methodically pick apart opponents for hours on end.

Don’t let his calm demeanor fool you, Kripp hustles hard by putting research and dedication into his daily uploads on his YouTube channel. Despite getting salty, Kripp is a great example of hard work, which allowed him to turn his passion for hardcore gaming into a real career.

In Diablo III he was well known for completing the game on Inferno difficult just a month after it was launched. On top of this, he reached this achievement before the difficulty nerf in patch 1.0.3 with a Hardcore character which he’d lose forever upon death. In WoW during mid 2010 he held the world’s highest damage per second for the Hunter class.

Since you probably know him because of Hearthstone and his stream, we have to mention that he competed in the Innkeeper’s Invitational Hearthstone tourny at Blizzcon 2013. He reached the “Legend” rank in August of 2015 as well. Krip is a laid back guy and a very skilled gamer, if you’re interested in achieving the same results then get the same gear as him below!

What headphones does Kripparrian use?

The Logitech G35 Surround Sound Headset focuses on comfort, which is perfect for those long nights of gaming and marathon streams. Kripps min-max attitude can shine with the variety of customization choices for this headset. Swappable headband pads, programmable keys, as well as crisp USB audio makes this headset a great choice even if your not streaming to 20,000 people every night.

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What mouse does Kripparrian use?

While Hearthstone might not be the most reaction focused game, Kripps history with Diabo and PoE require percise clicks and lighting paced movement. The G402 Hyperion Fury FPS touts itself as the worlds fastest gaming mouse, delivering lighting quick tracking speeds so fast that your opponents won’t know what hit them. 8 programmable buttons and 4 DPI settings put pinpoint targeting and easy hotkey access at your fingertips. Regardless if your playing Counter Strike, editing images, or playing an online Card game, this mouse is the right choice for you.

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What keyboard does Kripparrian use?

Most people love the satisfying clicks of a mechancial keyboard, but are frustrated with the loud noise that comes with it. The Logitech G710 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is lightning fast and whisper quiet, with the same tactile feel as other keyboards on the market. With faster response time, your keystrokes will register ahead of the competition, giving you an edge in games like Counter Strike and Starcraft. Even if you’re not gaming, this keyboard is at the top of its class with tactile feedback, designed for high performance.

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What webcam does Kripparrian use?

What makes or breaks the streaming experience for most people is a quality webcam and player view setup. If you’re looking to get into streaming, the Logitech C930e Webcam is the right choice. It’s the first with HD 1080p H.264/SVC UVC 1.5 encoding, the newest technology that frees up PC bandwidth with on-camera video processing. With pan, tilt and zoom functions and advanced light-correction technology, this webcam delivers the most professional camera for streamers yet.

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Rest in Pepperino Kripperrino

Kripp’s relaxed presence, coupled with his hardcore tendencies creates an awesome combination that keeps viewers coming back day after day. Streaming later in the evenings for North American viewers, his quiet and chill stream is perfect for winding down in the evening. He nitpicks details and tests cards to their fullest, looking into aspects of Hearthstone you may have glossed over. And if you miss the stream? His absolute onslaught of videos on YouTube will keep you entertained for a long time.

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