Jessie Wellens A.K.A PrankVsPrank Vlogging Camera

Jesse started out as a Youtube prankster and vlogger on his channel PrankvsPrank in 2009. The videos composed of him and his girlfriend Jeana Smith pranking each other repeatedly. Mix this in with daily vlogs and you have an awesome channel that grew to over 10 million subscribers. Nowadays Jessie runs the channel by himself and is still creating awesome content you should watch.

One of their first viral videos was Jesse and Jeana attempting the cinnamon challenge and from there they started to prank each daily. They show the behind-the-scenes of the preparation involved and then record eachothers reactions after.

The duo even appeared in the very popular Epic Rap Battles of History as Spartan King Leonidas and Queen Gorgo. Back in 2013, USA Today rated them as the best YouTube prank channel of the year. Their channel has won various different awards but unfortunately the two decided to take a break from their relationship and joint YouTube venture in 2016. If you’re wondering what camera PrankvsPrank uses, we have the answer for you.

PrankvsPrank Camera

The Sony A7S.

Jesse uses the Sony A7S that features a 35mm sensor with large pixels which delivers high ISO & dynamic range. It boasts a small build that is easy to carry around to film with on the go. It also features a 12.2MP sensor optimized for 4k and low light video so you never have to worry about poor lighting. The intelligent auto focus means you can catch those action shots and while moving around without it blurring or ruining the filming.

When you need to be quiet while filming, you can use the silent shutter mode. This is fantastic for capturing weddings, plays, and in general when you want the shot to speak for itself.

This camera can record full HD 1920 x 1080 at frame rates of either 60p, 60i, 30p and 24p directly to compatible memory cards. This is how Jessie gets such high quality videos every time.


  • Full frame exmor sensor and BIONZ X processor for incredible quality.
  • Clean HDMI for up to 4k recording.
  • Up to 120 fps recording.

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