Jake Paul Camera, Vlogging Gear, and Biography

Jake Paul camera and vlogging gear

Jake Paul Camera, Vlogging Gear, and Biography

From Cleveland, Ohio to Los Angeles, California, Jake Paul has had an awesome rise to fame on YouTube. Him and his brother Logan Paul are both successful vloggers and content creators, boasting over 10 million subscribers each. Jake was born on January, 17th, 1997 making him 20 years old. He is son to Greg Paul, a relator and Pam Stepnick, who is a registered nurse.

In September of 2013, he had been posting funny videos on the app Vine which has since been discontinued. He amassed 2 billion plays and over 5 million followers in this time. Two years later, Jake was able to land a a lead role in the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark. Then in this year, he was invited to the White House for an event that focused on social media. He even vlogged himself hiding in the bathroom past 3:30 AM to get around security. He’s gone onto to create an agency focused around influencer marketing with the help of Vayner Capital and Horzions Alpha to name a few.

These days you’ll find Jake posting on YouTube, focusing on his acting career, investing and business ventures in general. He is an inspiration for any content creator that wants to become a hit so we’ve compiled all of the equipment he uses if you want to get as big as him.

Jake Paul Vlogging Gear

Jake Paul Camera

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Camera

  • Record in 1080p with full HD resolution.
  • Get the perfect shots every time with advanced auto focus and image stabilizing.
  • Compact size and lightweight for easy filming.

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Also used by: KSI, Alissa Violet, PontiacmadeDDG, Logan Paul, CharlesTrippy, Adam LZ, Alex Wassabi, FaZe Rain, FaZe Banks, FunForLouis, FouseyTube.

Sony A7S II

4k video recording, a high speed auto focus, 5 axis image stabilization and low light capabilities, what more could you ask for? This camera is used by some of the best vloggers and content creators on YouTube but it comes with a high price tag. For all of the features and power you get from it though, you’ll understand why. From running around and catching moving shots to being in the dark, nothing will stop you from capturing any moment.

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Jake Paul Camera Lens

Sony FE 16-35mm.

A good camera needs one thing and that’s a good lens. Jake uses the 16-35mm from Sony which reduces flare, glaring, and gives you an optimal angle of view. Using a lens on a camera in general will help you achieve higher quality shots, special effects, zooming and more. It’s a nice accessory that will come in handy for the serious content creator.

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Jake Paul Microphone

Rode VideoMic Pro.

Don’t you hate when your audio is fuzzy, has static or isn’t clear enough at times? This can be solved with the help of a good quality microphone. Jake himself uses the very popular VideoMic series from Rode which is common among serious YouTubers. It helps minimize outside sound other than what is right in front of you and the focus of the video. It isn’t very big either which makes it non-intrusive and easy to carry around.

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Also used by: Casey Neistat, Joe Sugg, Ricegum, FouseyTube, Pontiacmadeddg, Kandee Johnson

Jake Paul Tripod

JOBY GorillaPod SLR.

Another very popular choice among vloggers is the GorillaPod for its flexiblity, light weight design, and usefulness. If you want to carry it around vlogging, simply straighten out the legs and you make a handle. For capturing other shots, bend the legs how you like and hit record. A tripod comes in useful at times you may not think it does so don’t leave this out of your vlogging arsenal.

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Also used by: Adam Saleh, Casey Neistat, Ricegum, Pontiacmadeddg
Jake Paul Laptop

Apple 15″ MacBook Pro

  • All-in-one laptop that will last you for many years.
  • Do everything from video editing, school work to playing games and watching movies.
  • Very long battery life.

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Also used by: Joe Sugg, Adam LZ, Caspar Lee, Shane Dawson, FouseyTube, Casey Neistat, Logan Paul, Tanner Fox, FaZe Rain, RomanAtwood, FunForLouis
Jake Paul Editing Software

Final Cut Pro

  • Everything you want for editing great videos and vlogs.
  • Add cool effects and transitions.
  • Made to keep you organized and productive.

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Also used by: FouseyTube, Jake Paul, Kandee Johnson, Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee, Adam Saleh, Casey Neistat, Jesse Wellens

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