Ice Poseidon IRL Stream Setup

Iceposeidon setup

Ice Poseidon IRL Stream Setup

Ice Poseidon is perhaps one of the most controversial live streamers of our time with his crazy personality and antics. We don’t believe it’s a debate that it’s exactly what got him popular and unfortunately what got him permanently banned from Paul Denino is Ice’s real name and he was born in Florida. While working as a line cook after studying finance in college, he began heavily playing the MMO Runescape. He began streaming his shenanigans, dueling, and PVP that many started to love.

A famous Runescape clan named ROT began targeting him specifically which created some dramatic and hilarious situations that his viewers were able to witness. Some times it was so perfectly timed, people began speculating if it was staged or not. Around this era of his career, another famous Runescape streamer Email faked a terminal illness and Ice’s fanbase started a huge meme around it. If you have ever seen people spam “cX”, just know that Paul Denino started it. He also calls his fanbase “The Purple Army”.

After streaming Pokemon GO when it became popular, Ice Poseidon saw a huge surge in viewers, subscribers and donations. Paul would talk to random people and end up in funny situations that the Twitch audience kept coming back for. He went on to move to Los Angeles like a lot of other famous content creators and focuses on YouTube these days. You’ll see him along side friends Greek, Voldesad, and Andy Milonakis.

If you’re curious what gear Ice uses for his IRL live streaming, we got the answer for you! We are still researching some other gear he uses, but the below items are confirmed so far.

Ice Poseidon Mic

Sony UWPD11/42 Lavalier Mic.

When Ice did his IRL streams he would use this mic setup from Sony that comes with a body pack transmitter and portable tuner. It is a professional grade mic for the serious content creators.

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Teradek Inc Bond II SDI Cellular Bonding Solutions.

You can’t say Paul Denino is not dedicated to his craft because he invested into this very expensive broadcasting equipment that features 1080p HD quality over bandwidth from several network interfaces. It also includes ncluding 3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, BGAN, Ethernet, and Fiber capabilities.

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