Grimmmz Gaming Gear, Stream Setup & More

Grimmmz Gaming Gear, Stream Setup & More

Currently destroying the battle royale genre Brain “Grimmmz” Rincon has steadily climbed to become one of the premier streamers on Twitch, ammassing over 800k followers. Like all other popular streamers we cover, Grimmmz isn’t an overnight sucess, he has had his hands in a ton of different games that has helped hone his skills, as well as develop his on-stream personality.

From San Fran, California, Rincon was heavily involved in the Street Fighter scene in 2009, winning Califonia regional tournaments in 2014. He then moved on to develop a diehard community in the game Killer Instinct, where he become a top player taking home many tournament wins.

When KI lost traction, he followed the path similar streamers Dr. Disrespect, Ninja, and Summit1G did. He became very good at H1Z1, even taking home a 1st place win in 2015, but dissatisfied with the state of the game, switched to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

Following the massive rise of PUBG, Grimmmz was able to showcase his skills to a mainstream audience, and with his years of streaming experience was able to garner a huge fanbase while playing Fortnite, PUBG, and other games. He was additionally nominated for Twitch Streamer of the year at the Shorty Awards in 2018.

Ready to dominate the battle royale genre just like Grimmmz? Read on for his most current headset, mouse, keyboard, and stream setup:

What headset does Grimmmz use?

ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Headset

The ASTRO A40 TR headset is perfect for the min-maxing gamer that needs an ultra customizable headset. The open back headset is designed for crisp audio quality, and long term comfort. Anyone that has played a marathon gaming session knows the pain on your ears after wearing headphones, the great ear cushions on this pair mean you can play long into the night. Gaming requires a good headset so you can hear your enemies before they hear you.

The attached mic is noise cancelling, meaning your teammates hear your voice, and only your voice. The team at Wisetech loves this headset and recommends it to anyone looking to step their ear game up.

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What mouse does Grimmmz use?

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse

Could this be the best power-use gaming mouse on the market? This mouse is designed for a comfortable and ergonomic fit whatever your hand size or usage demands. Regardless of it you’re clicking on mobs in an MMO, singling out targets for your team in a MOBA, or securing the ace in an FPS, this mouse offers the full capabilities for you to execute at a high level. Gaming mouses are meant to respond quicker and have higher precision, and this mouse does just that.

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What keyboard does Grimmmz use?

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate, Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards give you an awesome experience that traditional ones don’t. The first is with the sound and feel since they utilize cherry keys in a variety of colours. All of the colours have different tactile sensations and sounds to fit everyones preference. Blue is the loudest and very popular because it gives you that classic mechanical keyboard experience. Wisetech personally uses the Razer Blackwidow and can vouch for its effectiveness in both gaming and regular computer use.

  • Razer mechanical switches designed specifically for gaming.
  • Great durability with switches tested to 60 million keystrokes.
  • 10 key rollover for extreme anti-ghosting.
  • Individually programmable backlit keys with 5 dynamic lighting options in stunning Razer green.
  • Easily program keys, design custom lighting, download pro configurations, synchronize all Razer devices and store settings on the cloud with Razer synapse software.

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Also used by: Towellie, TheSyndicateProject, Grimmmz, PewDiePie, JoshOG, TimtheTatman, Imaqtpie, Munchkin, TBNRfrags, Juankorea, Cookiezi

What desktop does Grimmmz use?


GD30 Gaming Desktop

  • Powerful Full Size ATX Gaming Desktop: Equipped with latest Intel Core i7-7700 3.6GHz and GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Graphics to play your favourite games at high FPS.
  • Unique chassis design with customizable panels, headphone hanger, windowed side-panel, and EMI shielding so your rig stands out.
  • Latest 32GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM, fast 256GB SATA SSD combined with high-capacity 1TB HDD to store everything you need and run whatever you want flawlessly.
  • STRIX motherboard features ASUS AURA RGB lighting and is equipped with 2x Pie x16 slots, 2x M.2 connectors, and 4x DDR4 slots.
  • Chassis storage drive bay supports up to 6x HDD and 2x SSD.

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