Gingerpop Fortnite Settings & Gear Breakdown

  • Name: Gingerpop
Gingerpopo Mouse Settings
  • DPI: 800
  • Sensitivity: 0.06
  • Scoped sensitivity: 0.75
Gingerpopo Fortnite Settings

Gingerpop Fortnite settings

Gingerpop Mouse

Logitech G403

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Also used by: Wisethug, TSM aimPR, TSM SmaK, TSM BreaK
Gingerpop Keyboard


  • Cherry MX red keys.
  • LED backlighting.
  • 100% anti ghosting.

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Gingerpop Headset

Logitech G633

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Also used by: Shroud, TSM Viss


Gingerpop Monitor


  • 144hz refresh rate and 1ms response time for the smoothest gameplay ever.
  • ¬†Ergonomic tilt, swivel and adjustable height to get it perfect.
  • Built in speakers for immersive gameplay.

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