FaZe Rug Vlogging Camera, Gaming Gear & Bio

You probably known 20 year old Brian Awadis by his gamer tag and nickname FaZe Rug. He was born on November 19th, 1996 and is a famous YouTube vlogger. He originally started out as a professional Call of Duty player but like many others including FaZe Banks, he made the transition to content creation. This was a smart move because Rug has created a huge brand that has afforded him a new Lambo and a luxury lifestyle. He’s on his way to 7 million subscribers and boasts well over 1 billion total views. Right now he acts as a director for FaZe clan and has the biggest following out of all the members.

Brian has two older siblings and his parents are of Iraqi descent whom he commonly refers to as Papa Rug and Mama rug. He has dated YouTuber Molly Eskam and is on the way to becoming a worldwide success with his hustle. Today we wanted to get into what camera he uses so if you’re an aspiring vlogger you can step up your equipment game.

FaZe Rug Camera

Rug uses a few different cameras but for vlogging he loves the Soxy RX100 V. This is a nice refresher because when we write about vloggers they tend to stick to the G7X Mark II from Canon. While we don’t blame them because it’s an amazing product, it’s nice to see Brian give some love to Sony.

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With the world’s fastest auto focusing system and continuous shooting(24 FPS), it’s no wonder Rug loves this camera. It also has a sleek design that looks professional along with a lightweight build you can carry easy. It features a 1″ 20.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, 4k capabilities and an optical zoom of 3.6x. While it makes a great camera for vlogging, there’s nothing stopping you from making films, documentaries or any other top of content.

Vikkstar123 Camera

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Camera

Rug has been spotted using this bad boy in some of his videos.

  • Capture 1080p full HD in mp4 format.
  • Super lightweight so you can carry it around easily.
  • Superb image and video quality.
  • Film in poor lighting without any problems.

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Vikkstar123 Camera

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

  • Fits perfectly in your hand.
  • High DPI to quickscope like Rug.
  • 16.8 million color combinations to choose from.
  • Stops tracking when you lift your mouse off surface for more accuracy.

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Miniminter Editing Software

Sony Vegas Pro

  • Produce higher quality videos for your audience.
  • Used by a lot of the pros.
  • Complete production environment.

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