FaZe Banks Camera For Vlogging

FaZe Banks use to be a professional Call of Duty player and Chief Operating Officer for the famous gaming team. He started making videos back in 2011 on YouTube and has moved away from trickshotting noobs to vlogging these days. This was a very wise decision because Banks is literally banking along with his girlfriend Alissa Violet and other members of the Clout Gang including Ricegum. All of them are having really successful YouTube careers which have turned into huge brands and fanbases.

Though he currently resides in Los Angeles like many other famous vloggers, Banks was originally living in Massachusetts. He is currently 26 years old and also produces music when he isn’t picking up his camera. His YouTube channel consists of daily vlogs and pranks that are a lot of fun to watch. Banks also uses lots of interesting editing to make watching even more entertaining which you’ll understand once you see one of his videos.

If you are curious what camera FaZe Banks uses, we have the answer! and it’s the G7X Mark II from Canon. I think we’ve mentioned that cameras name at least a dozen times so far in our vlogging articles because so many YouTube stars use it. It’s features include:

  • A 1″ 20.1 megapixel CMOS sensor with DIGIC 7 technology for superior image quality even in poor lighting.
  • A 9 blade iris diaphragam and IS equipped lens built in.
  • Continious shooting up to 8 FPS in RAW or JPEG formats.
  • A nice 3″ touch panel LCD screen that can tilt up and down easily.
  • 1080p full HD capabilities with stereo sound.

It doesn’t surprise us that so many content creators use it because it packs a big punch for such a compact size. No matter if you are vlogging your day or shooting a film, this camera is a worthwhile investment.

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