DrDisRespect Gaming Gear, Stream Setup & More

DrDisRespect Gaming Gear, Stream Setup & More

The Doctor is back in, and he’s choosing to take his hardcore attitude to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. DrDisRespect’s stream is the perfect balance of great game play, and hilarious commentary while staying in character the entire time. Whether inspired, terrified, or entertained, Doc is making waves on Twitch, pulling in big numbers and teaming up with other prolific streamers. Read on for our full profile on the gear he uses to dominate the battlefield.

What mouse does DrDisRespect use?

BenQ ZOWIE ZA11 E-Sports Ambidextrous Optical Gaming Mouse. The ideal mouse for any hand shape or size. Coming in multiple sizes, and a raised back means easier navigation. Even if your not left handed, this is a great gaming mouse and perfect for high precision game play such as Counter Strike or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.
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What headset does DrDisRespect use?

The ASTRO A40 TR headset is perfect for the min-maxing gamer that needs an ultra customizable headset. The open back headset is designed for crisp audio quality, and long term comfort. Anyone that has played a marathon gaming session knows the pain on your ears after wearing headphones, the great ear cushions on this pair mean you can play long into the night. The attached mic is noise cancelling, meaning your teammates hear your voice, and only your voice. We’re not sure how this headset fits over a wig like DrDisRespect does but were sure the crisp and clear audio shines through.
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What keyboard does DrDisRespect use?


Corsair Gaming K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • Anodized, brushed aluminum chassis is designed from the ground up for a power users look and feel
  • Textured FPS keys means anyone playing shooters has an advantage on the battlefield
  • Cheery MX switches give a satisfying and crisp feel whether typing or changing weapons
  • Customization back lighting lets your personality shine through

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What capture card should I use?


The Live Gamer HD is a PCIe capture card made for hardcore PC gamers. The hardware encoder records and streams smooth, synced, and lag-free 1080p gameplay at the press of a button.

It supports a wide range of graphics card’s resolutions and HDMI/DVI input. With the handy I/O design, you can record full HD 1080p game footages from any HDMI-supported devices.
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