DrDisRespect Headset, Keyboard, Mouse and Bio

DrDisRespect gaming setup

DrDisRespect Headset, Keyboard, Mouse and Bio

After a month on hiatus, DrDisRespect is back and better than ever! We’ve missed his PUBG streams — they are the perfect balance of great game play, and hilarious commentary while staying in character the entire time. Whether inspired, terrified, or entertained, Doc is making waves on Twitch, pulling in big numbers and teaming up with other prolific streamers. Read on for our full updated profile on the gear he uses to dominate the battlefield so you can too.

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What mouse does DrDisRespect use?

BenQ ZOWIE ZA11 E-Sports Ambidextrous Optical Gaming Mouse. The ideal mouse for any hand shape or size. Coming in multiple sizes, and a raised back means easier navigation. DPI settings at the bottom of the mouse make this a true plug-and-play device. Multiple reviewers on Amazon switched to this mouse after a Razer DeathAdder and have loved its clean design. Even if your not left handed, this is a great gaming mouse and perfect for high precision game play such as Counter Strike or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

Also used by: Witwix, Valkia

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What headset does DrDisRespect use?

Corsair Gaming K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • Wireless capabilities with USB adaptor creates a seamless audio and chatting experience.
  • With bluetooth connectivity and active noise-cancelling properties, this premium headset can serve both casual and professional gamers alike.
  • Especially comfortable for hours of play, and excellent sound quality comparable to more expensive studio models.


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What keyboard does DrDisRespect use?

Corsair Gaming K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Do you take gaming seriously? Then you need a mechanical gaming keyboard on your desk. If you have only used regular keys then you won’t even believe how much better you will perform when you are using mechanical keys. They are engineered to have a tactile feel better than any other keyboard on the market. These keys are also made to improve reaction time and reduce how long it takes for a key stroke to be registered. This means you move and play at a much faster pace over your competition.

Technical specs:

  • Anodized, brushed aluminum chassis is designed from the ground up for a power users look and feel.
  • Textured FPS keys means anyone playing shooters has an advantage on the battlefield.
  • Cheery MX switches give a satisfying and crisp feel whether typing or changing weapons.
  • Customization back lighting lets your personality shine through.
Also used by: Summit1g, SKT1 Faker, Sodapoppin, Valkia

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What capture card should I use?

The Live Gamer HD is a PCIe capture card made for hardcore PC gamers. The hardware encoder records and streams smooth, synced, and lag-free 1080p gameplay at the press of a button.It supports a wide range of graphics card’s resolutions and HDMI/DVI input. With the handy I/O design, you can record full HD 1080p game footages from any HDMI-supported devices. A good capture card is critical if you’re an aspiring streamer because they improve your recording quality which in-turn gives you viewers a better experience.


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Dr. Disrespect Timeline: Before the fame


Long before Twitch.tv or Let’s play channels, the gaming world was a very different place. This was a time when the greatest gaming honor was MLG or Starcraft in Korea, a far cry from the current gaming personalities we have today. It helps paint the picture of how long Doc’s path was, and how he is not an overnight sensation. Guy Beahm was notorious on Halo 2, creating the name Dr. Disrespect and developing his character in banter with people on Xbox Live.


In 2010 COD players like Seananners and Hutch were pioneering the Youtube Gaming scene.  Guy released his first YouTube video in the Doc persona. After heading to a costume store and assembling the iconic mustache, glasses, and mullet he filmed himself playing Modern Warfare 2. It’s amazing watching this video as it shows him developing a character that he can now improvise on a 10+ hour stream.

Before Pewdiepie, the Youtube gaming space was completely different. In the early days, getting your work featured on channels such as Machinima we’re a huge honor. A sign of “making it” was getting popular enough to get offered a creator’s contract. And the doc’s work payed off, and his notoriety got him a director contract at Machinima, with creators loving his content so much that he was offered a Premiere Director position.

“There’s a lot of people that get it, a lot of people that don’t get it, but Dr. Disrespect is fucking amazing. I watch a lot of gaming videos on YouTube, and when I first found Guy Beahm’s creation, “Dr. Disrespect”, I thought it was genius. As I say in this video…in my eyes, Guy was the first person to truly bring something new to an audience so use to seeing the same thing over and over again and accepting it.”

2011 – 2014

Doc sowed the seeds for creators that focused more on personality and humor than raw COD skill, and I truly believe that he set the community up for a ton of successful gamers today. After making a name for himself as a content creator, Guy Beahm stepped down at Machinima to become the community manager for Activision, a move that saw him take a quieter and more corporate role.

This corporate side evolved over time, with the Doc moving to a level/map designer for Sledgehammer games, the Silicon Valley developers of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. His background knowledge and YouTube gaming history proved essential, as he played a key role in over half the multiplayer maps in the game. But after helping assist in the games launch, Beahm announced he would be retiring from Sledgehammer to pursue other interests.

2015 – 2016

Slowing things down for the birth of his first child, the Doc had already come a long way. Not only had he began to flesh out his character, but also was able to develop a deep understanding on the gaming broadcasting scene, as well as in game design. This skillset truly came to a head when he announced his first Twitch stream following his previous retirement. He was known mostly at this time for playing the popular Battle Royale games at the time such as H1Z1 and switching over to the juggernaut that is Player Unknowns Battlegrounds.

This era showed a massive rise in viewership due to his consistent schedule and entertaining commentary all in character. He typically pulls at least 25,000-30,000 concurrent viewers on any given livestream, often more. He was exactly what the Twitch community was looking for and he was able to rise to the challenge. His improvisational skills while also playing games really showed his ability both as an entertainer and as a skilled sharpshooter.


This year, Doc was everywhere. Some of his most popular antics included:

  • Known to belt out songs on occasion, the synthwave remix of him singing the jingle to Gillette (The Best A Man Can Get) was played 670k+ times as of Feb 2018.
  • Getting banned for shooting a teammate in the head, violating the rules of the game. He quickly made a new account, irritating the developers.
  • A heartfelt moment where he offered advice to a suicidal fan while live on stream, and staying in character.
  • Was a guest on the H3H3 podcast, which has amassed nearly 2 million views. This also caused controversy as the video didn’t cut, showing the Doc taking off the costume briefly and revealing his face.
  • Was interviewed by ESPN, who have made a massive effort to highlight the massive esports and streaming community by highlighting some of the best
  • Won the “Streamer of the Year” award at the eSports Industry Awards

On December 15th, Dr. Disrespect turned on his stream out of character, and in a somber state. He announced he was taking a break from streaming due to personal issues. In this short broadcast he admitted unfaithfulness to his wife, which left many fans discussing the controversy and questioning their own loyalty to him. He did not definitively state when he would return, and speculation was that he was done streaming for good.

Picture by Loaded.gg


After staying quiet for a month, Guy appeared in a video with his wife announcing his return to streaming in a big way. He quickly returned to streaming six to eight hours a day, with fans being calmed knowing that the recent controversy would not change the Docs brand of humor and stream style.

“As we mature, as we sort of increase our knowledge about each other — both individually and as a group — we’re starting to understand some things… we’re starting that rebuilding process.”

  • Doctor Disrespect, briefly addressing the controversy on-stream

His first stream since returning was on February 5th and was such a massive comeback that it caused technical issues on Twitch for 10+ minutes due to the sheer volume of viewers watching his comeback. It was a huge moment for both Beahm and the streaming community, as he amassed 388,000 concurrent viewers at peak, surpassing Tyler1’s recent streaming record.

With his return to streaming, we are excited to see how Dr. Disrespect will evolve in the coming year. His deep roots in gaming entertainment shows that he’s a force to be reckoned with, as he looks to maintain his massive growth in Fortnite, PUBG, or any other game thrown in his path.

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