Danisnotonfire Camera, Bio And More

Danisnotonfire camera

Danisnotonfire Camera, Bio And More

You’re probably more familiar with Daniel James Howell’s YouTube name, Danisnotonfire. He was born on June 11th, 1991 and is an established British vlogger and radio personality. He boasts over 6 million subscribers and first uploaded back in October of 2009 when encouraged by friends like Phil Lester to begin making videos. Dan also has another channel around the 2 million subscriber mark named danisnotinteresting where he broadcasts weekly live shows.

Mr. Howell was born in WokinghamBerkshireEngland and also has a younger brother. As a teenager he worked in retail chains and supermarkets while attending The Forest School. After graduating, he attended University of Manchester to study law. At this time he was also living with Phil and they moved together to London which is why they frequently collaborate.

Dan went on to write a blog post on creative process for The Huffington Post which is an impressive feat. Along with winning the YouTube competition Supernote and being featured in the Becoming YouTube series, Dan has made quite a successful career out of making videos.

Him and his friend Phil co-wrote a book called The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire that was released on October, 8th 2015 and worldwide a week later. The book ended up topping the Sunday Times Bestsellers list and became a #1 New York Times Best Seller in the young adult hardcover category. This is what you call a very intelligent move in terms of branding, taking his YouTube fame and channeling it into another project.

Danisnotonfire Camera

Do you create videos? Are you inspiring to be a YouTube star? If you are serious about these things then you need to invest into your craft. A camera will be the center of your creativity and how you produce content so don’t feel bad spending an extra few bucks to get a quality one. Danisnotonfire uses the Canon VIXIA HF G40 himself so lets go over why it makes such a wonderful choice for vloggers.

This camera is meant to be compact, easy to use, and offer incredible performance a lightweight and mobile build. The result is a piece of equipment you bring anywhere you go like Dan to film awesome videos and capture all of those great shots. It features a high sensitivity HD CMOS sensor and the Canon 20x HD optical zoom lens to help you get the best quality possible. It doesn’t matter if you are in low light or moving around while filming because the G40 will capture it all seamlessly.

The DIGIC DV 4 processor also aids in image stabilization when shooting handheld so you can be on-the-go when vlogging and don’t have to worry about being out of focus. It also comes with a 3.5″ touch screen viewfinder with a host of controls like highlight priority and wide DR gamma.

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