Top 5 Best Gaming Monitors

To game at your best you need a crystal clear gaming monitor. It will improve your accuracy, reaction time and overall performance no matter what you’re playing. These are the best gaming monitors you can get your hands on right now. Best Gaming Monitors MSI Gaming Monitor. Get it here. The Optix G27C uses a high quality Samsung curved panel to create a true immersive experience while playing the latest AAA games. Compared to general monitors, Optix G27C has at least 20% [...]


Cookiezi Osu Gear & Profile

Some know him as Cookiezi, some know him as Shigetora, but everyone knows him as one of the best Osu! players . Within one year of creating his account in June of 2009 he reached the #1 rank globally. After reaching this achievement he began playing more casually throughout 2011, 2012, and 2013. Even with this being the case Shigetora won the 2012 Osu! World Cup playing on behalf of South Korea. If you want to play as quickly [...]


Alienware Aurora R5 Review

The Alienware Aurora R5 gaming desktop computer is one of the best in its price range. It features liquid cooling, dual-graphics, thermal ergonomics, and a perfected design. It’s a desktop made for those that take gaming seriously and need a rig that will play games on the highest settings with ease. Here’s what you need to know about the Aurora R5. The Review Customization With the AlienFX software, you can give your machine a personalized look with over 8000 unique themes. Supported on [...]