Best drum machine

Best Drum Machine For Producers

Some of the best producers like Zaytoven rely heavily on drum machines to create their amazing music. They offer freedom, creativity, and are one of the best production tools you can invest in. It will last you decades and continually improve your tracks while seamlessly integrating into any digital audio workstation. These are the best drum machines for producers. Best Drum Machines Akai Professional MPD218. Get it here. A great small and affordable drum machine for the beginner or intermeddiate producer.  The [...]

Military night vision goggles

Best Military Night Vision Goggles

Night vision goggles will give you the sight, accuracy, and colour you need in the evenings. Whether it’s for hunting, camping, airsoft or anything in between, night vision goggles are an incredible investment. Here are some of the best that will suit your needs. Military Night Vision Goggles Firefield Tracker 1×24 Night Vision Goggle Binoculars. Get it here. The Firefield Tracker 1×24 Night Vision Goggles allow for incredibly detailed observation ability under the darkness of night that includes a head gear accessory [...]

Totalbiscuit Gaming Setup

Totalbiscuit PC Setup And Bio

John Bain is a gentleman you probably know better as Totalbiscuit, The Cynical Brit, or TotalHailbut. Born on JUly 8th, 1974 he is a British gaming critic, commentator, and streamer. He is best known for his contributions to the Starcraft II and PlanetSide 2 communities over the years. If you’re looking to achieve a streaming and gaming quality like Totalbiscuit delivers, consider the hardware he uses below. Totalbiscuit PC Setup Totalbiscuit CPU Intel Core i7-6900K Processor. Get it here. Specs: 8 Core/16 Thread LGA 2011-v3 4 [...]

Doublelift Gaming Gear, Streaming Setup & More

Few gamers have had as big an impact on esports as Doublelift has. A unique combination of unrivaled technical skill, with an entertaining personality makes him a constant threat regardless of team, and a great streamer on Twitch. In the League of Legends scene, where a star player can fizzle out, LiftLift has managed to maintain a powerful presence and respect in the scene, always having a point to make on the meta, certain players, or patch changes. Want [...]

Best home theater systems

Best Home Theater Systems

A home theater system is the best way to enjoy sports, movies, shows and video games. You will feel fully emerged in whatever you watch or play. From watching the big game with all of your friends to playing your favorite game release, this is an investment that will pay off for years to come. This list of home sound systems is considerate of all budget ranges so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Best Home Theater [...]

Witwix Gaming Gear, Stream Setup, & more

One of the most difficult aspects of Twitch is the fear of losing your audience when you switch games. Only a key few streamers are able to create a diehard fanbase that will follow them wherever they go, and Witwix has been able to achieve that. Our team loves his dry and witty humor as he picks apart Boshy, Battlegrounds, Mario Maker, or whatever other game hes playing. Want the same setup as this memer? Read on for witwix [...]

Electric mountain bike

Top 8 Most Reliable Electric Mountain Bikes

An electric mountain bike will take you where ever you want quickly and comfortably. Whether that’s on some dirt trails or through the city, electric bikes are efficient and fast. Most of them feature an optional assisted mode that allows you to pedal at the same time to get in some exercise. They are very fun to ride during the summer and are equipped for evening riding so safety is nothing to worry about. Top 8 Electric Mountain Bikes Ancheer Power [...]

Electric longboard

Best Electric Longboard 2017

Vloggers like Casey Neistat have shown off how fun an electric longboard can be. From cruising around the city streets to using it for commuting, electric skateboards are both useful and enjoyable. Anyone looking for a fun new toy should check out one of the following. Best Electric Skateboards SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Electric Longboard. Get it now. It’s everything you know and love about a skateboard reimagined for the digital age. Designed for comfort, precision-control, and performance, SWAGBOARD is lightweight and gives [...]

Cheap 3d printer

Top 20 Cheap 3d Printers

3d printers are incredible tools for home use, business, and design. You can develop ideas and prototypes much faster than traditional methods. It is will also save you money by being able to print small items like paperclips for daily tasks. They enable us to be creative and not worry about using too many resources as well. If these sound like benefits you’d like to experience, Wisetech has compiled a list of low cost 3d printers you’ll love. Top 13 [...]


TSM Dyrus Gaming Setup

Dyrus has been one of the best League of Legends players since it was still in its beta stage. He originally played a support role for team All or Nothing but eventually moved to being a top laner for Epik Gamer. Very quickly he became popular through streaming and success at LAN tournaments. While still playing on behalf of Epik, he moved into the TSM gaming house which is located in New York. When TheRainMain resigned from TSM, Dyrus [...]