DisguisedToastHS Headset, Keyboard, and Steam Setup

Disguised Toast is a Canadian Hearthstone content creator and streamer on Twitch, and has been active since 2015 in both playing and making guides for new players. Starting off never showing his face behind a piece of cardboard toast, he made a name for himself with his youtube videos pushing the boundaries of Hearthstone cards, and grew a huge streaming following. At the time of this article he’s at the top of the Hearthstone community, and he has amassed [...]

CDNThe3rd Headset, Keyboard, and Steam Setup

CDNThe3rd is an American Twitch streamer known best for his streaming of Fortnite, H1Z1, and has recently been playing Sea of Thieves with other popular streamers. He has amassed over 650,000 followers on Twitch, and has become increasingly popular within the Fortnite gaming community, as it becomes one of the most watched games online. What keyboard does CDNThe3rd use Corsair K70 LUX RGB RAPIDFIRE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Large font keycaps Anti-ghosting technology RGB backlighting, dedicated media controls Get it on Amazon Also used by: Sacriel, Valkia, [...]

Ninja Fortnite Headset, Keyboard, and Steam Setup

Tyler Blevins, known online has Ninja, is a Fortnite, H1Z1, and Halo twitch streamer. Beginning in 2009 in esports, he has since become one of the most popular streamers of his time. Interested in knowing more about his gaming setup? Read on for what mouse, monitor, headset, and keyboard Ninja uses. What keyboard does Ninja use CORSAIR K70 LUX RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Sleek, minimal design with customizable backlight colour options Dedicated media controls Easy to clean Get it on Amazon Also used by: SKT1 FAKER What [...]

Best cryptocurrency mining hardware

Best Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware – Ultimate List

With cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin on the rise, you might want to start investing before you miss out. For those that don’t want to spend money investing into actual coins, you can begin mining them for free with the use of special hardware. We’re going to get into what exactly cryptocurrency mining is and the best mining hardware you can get your hands on. How does cryptocurrency mining work? When you mine a cryptocurrency, you are essentially using a mix [...]

Towelliee WoW Gaming Gear, Stream Setup & More!

If you’re familiar with World of Warcraft streaming on Twitch, then you know Towelliee. Roberto Garcia has made a name for himself in the streaming space with a brutal stream schedule and humor that keeps fans coming back. He’s known for his tanking gameplay, funny stories, and keeping up with the latest raid tier. With a game like WoW there tends to be alot of time in between interesting and impactful events. To succeed in the space your personality really [...]

TheSyndicateProject Gaming Gear, Streaming Setup & More

If we are talking about heavyweights in the YouTube gaming space, TheSyndicateProject is high up on the list. Starting his channel in 2010, his channel started to really connect with viewers and he currently sits at over 10 million subscribers. His long running Minecraft series, as well as coverage of Zombies in CoD: Black Ops was where he really came into his own and his personality shined through. Syndicate isn’t all just FPS skills either. Those looking to make a [...]

DanTDM YouTube Camera Setup & Gaming Gear

If you’re talking about the most impactful YouTuber’s of this generation, DanTDM should be high up on your list. He is an all star Lets Player that has seemingly cracked the formula for high quality gaming videos uploaded on a super consistent basis. Daniel Middleton’s personality shines through as he explores Minecraft mods, creates characters, and expands his reach into new games and genres. His personality deeply connects with his viewers, gaining over 16 million subscribers, and even releasing [...]

Jacksepticeye Gaming Gear, Bio and more

When you think of the trailblazers of lets plays on YouTube, Jacksepticeye is one of the stars on the list. Starting with classics such as Happy Wheels, his content has moved into all sorts of genres, even into occasional vlogs and streams on Twitch. His uplifting banter and attitude has payed off too, amassing him 17+ million followers and he continues to grow strong. His personality and different games kept fans coming back, and his consistent content output was perfect [...]

JackFrags Gaming Gear, Stream Setup and More

JackFrags has been a staple of the FPS gaming community, ammassing a huge following on YouTube and Twitch where he can be found analyzing and playing BattleField, PUBG, Fortnite and Starwars BattleFront 2. He is a go-to source for many people due to his massive repetoire of gaming experience, providing an exciting and engaging opinion on patch changes, new game modes, and first thoughts on game launches. At his core he is clearly a passionate creator, pumping out tons [...]

Sjow Hearthstone Stream Setup

If you are a veteran to esports, theres a good chance you’ve heard of Sjow. Jeffrey Brusi is a pro hearthstone player currently playing for Team Liquid, but had previously been known for his Terran play in SC2. Even in Starcraft you could tell Sjow’s core talent was slow methodical decision making, which translates perfectly over to hearthstone. After his run with Team Dignitas he pivoted games and the rest has been history. You can regularly catch him streaming on [...]