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How do I monetize my stream? Avenues for Twitch and YouTube

Thanks to the internet, the power dynamic has completely shifted from the company to the individual. No longer do you have to go to a talent agency or get signed to make it big — people with enough drive and passion are succeeding on their own using platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. In the last few years, playing video games has evolved into more than just a hobby. Top streamers are bringing in huge salaries playing games such as [...]

DrLupo Gaming Gear, Stream Setup & More!

Fortnite has completely taken over Twitch, with so many great players and entertainers rising to the front. One of the most recommended is DrLupo, who has a ton of experience streaming content in Fortnite as well as Destiny. He’s signed to team Rogue as part of their six-member Destiny team, showing his dominance of the shooter genre. You can frequently catch him streaming in duo’s with Ninja, or solo racking up huge kills with his masterful game play. Interested in [...]

Rip113 PUBG Settings

Rip113 PUBG Settings & Gaming Setup

Name: Rip113 Rip113 Mouse Settings DPI: 950 General sensitivity: 51 Scoping sensitivity: 50 2x: 50 4x: 50 8x: 50 15x: 50 Targeting sensitivity: 50 Vehicle sensitivity: 50 Rip113 Video Settings Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Rip113 Mouse Logitech G502 check latest price Also used by: Stodeh, TSM Myth, Dakotaz, HighDistortion, CDNThe3rd, LG Technosh, Anthony Kongphan Rip113 Keyboard Razer Blackwidow check latest price Also used by: Grimmmz, Hayz, Ollywood, Scoom, Juankorea, Munchkin, TBNRfrags, Towellie, TheSyndicateProject, Cookiezi, PewDiePie, JoshOG, TimTheTatman, Imaqtpie Rip113 Headset HyperX Cloud II Check latest price Also used by: Stormen, FaZe Karrigan, Froggen, Fnatic Olofmeister, Ollywood     Featured image credit: Rip113’s YouTube

Stodeh Fortnite

Stodeh Fortnite Settings, Mouse, Keyboard & More

Name: Stodeh Stodeh Fortnite Settings Stodeh Mouse Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum check latest price Also used by: Grimmmz, CDNThe3rd, Anthony Kongphan, LG Technosh     Stodeh Keyboard Corsair STRAFE   Textured and contoured keycaps that feel great on your fingers. Super quick Cherry MX switches. Anti ghosting and full key rollover. check latest price Stodeh Headset Fnatic Gear Duel Comfortable on your ears and head. Designed for the best gamers in mind. High quality audio. check latest price Stodeh Mousepad CORSAIR MM300 Low friction and feels good on wrist. Become more accurate. check latest price Featured image credit: Stodeh’s Twitter

Stormen Fortnite

Stormen Fortnite Settings, Keyboard, Mouse & More

Ludvig Storm is a Swedish Fortnite, H1Z1, and Counter Strike player that goes by the name Stormen. He’s been streaming since 2015 and you can find him on Twitch and Twitter. Stormen Fortnite Settings Stormen Mouse Settings Sensitivity: 0.05 Scoped sensitivity: 0.80 DPI: 400 Stormen Keyboard CORSAIR K70 Get it on Amazon Also used by: CDNThe3rd, Ninja, Sacriel, SKT1 Faker, Summit1g, Sodapoppin, Wisethug, Valkia, DrDisRespect   Stormen Mousepad SteelSeries QcK+ Get it on Amazon Also used by: Juankorea, FaZe Karrigan, Fnatic Olofmeister, Anthony Kongphan, Imaqtpie Stormen Monitor BenQ XL2411P Get it on Amazon Also used by: Cy0x, [...]

Ettnix Fortnite Settings & PC Setup

Name: Ettnix Ettnix Fortnite Settings Ettnix Mouse Settings Sensitivity: 0.17 DPI: 450 Ettnix PC Setup ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII RANGER High performance motherboard. Durable components and build. Get it on Amazon    I7-6700K  Unlocked processor. Run more programs at once smoothly. Get it on Amazon   Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB Low profile heat spread. Great performance. Designed for high level overclocking. Get it on Amazon GeForce GTX 970 Designed for serious gaming. Class-leading graphics and advanced technology. Get it on Amazon Featured image credit: Ted4TheWin YouTube


Xsoo Fortnite Settings & Gaming Setup

Name: Xsoo Team: Millenium Xsoo Mouse Settings DPI: 800 HZ: 500 Xsoo Fortnite Settings Xsoo Headset Sennheiser GAME ZERO Double memory foam earpads for incredible comfort. Communicate with your teammates with crystal clear quality. Durable build that will stand the test of time. Get it on Amazon Xsoo Mouse BenQ ZOWIE FK2 400, 800, 1600, 3200 DPI options. Simple ergonomic design. Get it on Amazon Xsoo Keyboard SteelSeries Apex 350 Fast response keys with low profile appearance. Sleek and modern design that will look awesome on your desk. Anti ghosting. Get it on Amazon Xsoo Monitor ASUS VG248QE 24″ Ultra smooth gameplay. Adjust the height, [...]

Gingerpop Fortnite Settings & Gear Breakdown

Name: Gingerpop Gingerpopo Mouse Settings DPI: 800 Sensitivity: 0.06 Scoped sensitivity: 0.75 Gingerpopo Fortnite Settings Gingerpop Mouse Logitech G403 Get it on Amazon Also used by: Wisethug, TSM aimPR, TSM SmaK, TSM BreaK Gingerpop Keyboard CORSAIR K63 Cherry MX red keys. LED backlighting. 100% anti ghosting. Get it on Amazon Gingerpop Headset Logitech G633 Get it on Amazon Also used by: Shroud, TSM Viss   Gingerpop Monitor VG248QE 144hz refresh rate and 1ms response time for the smoothest gameplay ever.  Ergonomic tilt, swivel and adjustable height to get it perfect. Built in speakers for immersive gameplay. Get it on Amazon

Grimmmz Gaming Gear, Stream Setup & More

Currently destroying the battle royale genre Brain “Grimmmz” Rincon has steadily climbed to become one of the premier streamers on Twitch, ammassing over 800k followers. Like all other popular streamers we cover, Grimmmz isn’t an overnight sucess, he has had his hands in a ton of different games that has helped hone his skills, as well as develop his on-stream personality. From San Fran, California, Rincon was heavily involved in the Street Fighter scene in 2009, winning Califonia regional tournaments in 2014. [...]

Cy0x Fortnite Settings & Gaming Setup

Name: Cy0x Cy0x Mouse Settings DPI: 400 DPI Windows pointer precision: 6/11 Cy0x Fortnite Settings Cy0x Mouse Logitech G303 Get it on Amazon Also used by: Shroud Cy0x Keyboard Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum Get it on Amazon Also used by: TSM bjergsen Cy0x Headset Logitech G430 Get it on Amazon Also used by: DisguisedToastHS, C9 Sneaky, Cloud N0thing Cy0x Mousepad Logitech G640 Get it on Amazon Also used by TSM SmaK, C9 Chappie Cy0x Monitor BenQ XL2411Z Get it on Amazon Also used by: Ollywood, Juankorea, FaZe Karrigan     Featured image credit: Cy0xgg YouTube