Casey Neistat Camera, Bio, Vlogging Style, Advice

Casey Neistat Camera, Bio, Vlogging Style, Advice

From HBO to YouTube’s poster boy, Casey Neistat is an inspiration for filmmakers. He shows us how to be successful by sticking to your strengths and creating your own rules. You probably recognize Casey from his signature sunglasses featured in almost every video. With a couple hundred daily vlogs under his belt, he has exploded online and become the bar of expectation in vlogging.

Filming everything he does isn’t new to Casey, he has been a film maker, hustler, entrepreneur his entire life. The early 2000s saw him release a variety of short films, eventually getting picked up by HBO for a full television series.

His first steps into YouTube were creating short videos based around his interests and experiences. His 2011 NYC Cycling video highlighting the dangers and legal issues of biking in NYC. The video went viral and was listed by Times magazine as one of the most creative videos of the year.

In 2015, Casey announced in a video that he is working on a video sharing app called Beme. He was frustrated with the highly edited, non genuine content put out online and wanted to create a more honest experience. Beme records 4 second videos and instantly posts it to the users feed. Building on the restricting nature of Snapchat and Vine that pushed users to their creative limits, and made something that was as unique to them as possible.

Across the board, Casey’s filming style has always had a vlogging quality to it. He has the amazing ability to immerse you in his world and experiences, allowing you to see them from his point of view. It is a film style that made him perfect for his steps into vlogging.

What Camera Does Casey Neistat Use?

Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR. Get it now.

Referred to as the “Casey Neistat Camera”, he has made the Canon EOS 8OD the standard for vlogging.

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What Camera Lens Does Casey Neistat Use?

Canon EF-S 10-18mm Lens. Buy it now.

Ultra wide angle range, have you seen his wall of these? He goes through multiple every year!

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Rode VidMic Pro R. Get it here.

This is the same mic that famous Youtuber PontiacMadeDDG uses. Hyper directional recording catches everything your saying and dulls out the passing cars and conversations. This is the reason Casey can speed through New York traffic and you can hear him flawlessly.

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Vlogging Style

Casey Neistat is one of the best examples to look to when creating a quality vlog channel. Whether its him in the studio, or traveling to do talks at a University, there is never an un-interesting moment even when he’s doing un-interesting things.

His genius use of drone shots allows his picture to speak louder than words. Sweeping views of whatever city he’s in allows him to paint a beautiful picture of wherever he is, and changes the pace up from talking directly to the lens.

What Drones Does Casey Neistat Use?

DJI Mavic Pro. Get it here.

  • Casey calls this “the best drone ever made”.
  • Super small, super light, hyper steady and shoots in 1080p with crisp 4k video.

Beyond actual filming style, the content that makes up his vlogs are inspiring. Casey lives an action packed life, running multiple businesses and constant creating new long form film content. His morning runs have become a staple of the vlog, waking up super early to casually run further than most people drive, his healthy lifestyle and no BS attitude keeps people wanting more, and demanding more out of themselves as well.

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What Tripod Does Casey Neistat Use?

JOBY Gorilla Tripod. Get it now.

Essential for Casey’s vlogging, and anyone looking for versatility and function when filming their day. These kind of tripods can be bent anyway you like to achieve awesome shoes like Casey gets.

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Off the back of his massive $25 million dollar Beme acquisition, Casey is back with new daily vlogs in the coming months. With their team, he’s looking to be the companies bridge between tech and older media companies who are continuously looking for new ways to integrate into the digital landscape. His channel still exists for dispersed vlogs, as well as documenting his experiences and wild ideas.


casey neistat advice

More than anything, Casey Neistat teaches anyone and everyone to stay true to their passions. Short term thinking means you’ll compromise. His film making passion has existed since he was a kid, and while many people have only seen him since 2015, he has been honing his craft and working on his vision for a much longer time. Stay the course to master your craft, the difficult times become that much more worth it when you’re confident and recognized for your abilities.

He is also an expert at knowing where peoples attention is heading, and looking out for new opportunities. Although vlogging had been a staple concept since the start of the 2010’s, Casey knew he had a unique perspective and areas he could innovate the space. His amazing use of drone shots and cinematography has pushed the art of vlogging your life to a new level. If you want to express yourself in an area that is packed with people trying to make it, add your own unique perspective and talents into the mix and keep working!

Finally, his unbelievable hustle and work ethic is something anyone should aspire to reach. From morning to night, he is continuously working on manifesting his fitness, creative, family, and business dreams into a reality. Watching a few vlogs and getting a sense of his work ethic makes you want to close YouTube and get back to work on that book you’ve been meaning to write.