Anthony Kongphan Setup for Streaming & Gaming

Anthony Kongphan Setup for Streaming & Gaming

Anthony Kongphan is the perfect Battlegrounds streamer with a great balance of high skill and hilarious commentary. After a brief acting career, Anthony pivoted into livestreaming, which will seek to pay off in huge dividends a Twitch becomes an entertainment behemoth. His hardcore community, The Ninjas make his chat a wall of memes and hilarity, making for an awesome streaming experience. read on for the gaming gear he uses and recommends.

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What keyboard does Anthony Kongphan use? 

Roccat Mechanical Keyboard Cherry Blue mx Keys

Anthony Kongphan keyboard

The Roccat Mechanical Keyboard is the perfect solution for power users demanding a peice of hardware that can keep up with their APM. Its lightning quick response time makes it the perfect choice for the fast paced execution of FPS games such as Battlegrounds, Overwatch, and Call of Duty. The Cherry MX mechanical keys give satisfying feedback and tactile feel that few other keyboards can match. Tracking of simultaneous keystrokes makes ghosting a thing of the past. Mechnical keyboards are extremely popular in the gaming community right now since they have been proven to improve your gameplay. If you’re looking to step up your results, definitely consider getting one of these on your desk.

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What mouse does Anthony Kongphan use? 

Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse

When looking for a great gaming mouse, you need a piece of hardware that feels like a natural extension of your hand. The G502 features some of the highest mouse tracking accuracy with advanced sensors. We love the ability to customize the lighting so you can sync up LEDs with your desktop or keyboard. Standard with most high end gaming mice, the ability to set up custom profiles for your games means you can change sensitivity seamlessly on the fly. Comfortable ergonomic grip and sturdy structure means this beast can handle the wear and tear of everyday use.

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Also used by: LG Tecnosh

Anthony Kongphan mousepad

SteelSeries QcK mass Gaming Mouse Pad

Not as hardware intensive as a mouse of keyboard, the SteelsSeries QcK pad does one thing, really really well. Its heavy thickness and large size makes it a comfortable and durable mousepad for any type of tabletop surface. Especially in shooters where you’re using large, sweeping motions on low sensitivity, a huge keyboard can be a blessing. We’ve had a great experience ourselves at Wisetech with mouses from Steelseries so it isn’t a surprise they make awesome mousepads as well.

  • Smooth cloth surface.
  • Steady rubber base.
  • Extra thick 320x270x6mm.
  • Great invest for any gamer.

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Also used by: Fnatic Olofmesiter, Imatqpie

What headphones does Anthony Kongphan use? 

Sennheiser 363d Gaming Headset

Anthony Kongphan headsetSennheiser has always been known for premium sound quality, but combining it with Dolby surround sound processing creates a gaming headset that delivers a top tier audio experience. Get immersed in single player games with the soundtrack blaring, or listen closely for footsteps when you’re the last person standing in a Counter Strike match. The crystal clear noise-cancelling microphone auto-mutes when lifted, making the process easy as ever. The XL velvet ear pads reduce pressure on your ears and focus on long session gaming comfort, making them the ideal set for Anthony and his marathon gaming sessions.

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