Adam22 Biography & Equipment For Vlogging/Podcasts


Adam22 Biography & Equipment For Vlogging/Podcasts

Balling like an athlete but got no jumper. If you sang that in your head then you’re definitely a true No Jumper fan like us. Adam Grandmaison a.k.a Adam22 is the host and founder of the No Jumper podcast, OSS bike store/brand, and a thriving YouTube channel. He’s a great example that entrepreneurs come from all walks of life and hustling for years really pays off.

Born and raised in Nashua, New Hampshire, Adam was always into BMX since high school and would ride to Boston commonly with his friends. When he was still in elementary school, his father unfortunately spent time in prison for white collar crime but this didn’t stop him from being a great dad afterwards. His mother is a librarian and has been in one or two of his vlogs in the past.

After graduating from high school, he went on to attend college in Masschusetts for a year then transferred over to UMass Lowell. Adam would score straight A’s while in community college but his grades started to slip a bit before he dropped out and moved to New York. Him and some of his friends in the Tri-State area would commit credit card fraud which eventually spooked him when others got arrested. He cleaned up his act and began playing online poker with an average of 1,000 hands an hour. Despite not having a “real job” as some may call it, he was making 6 figures which is nothing to scoff at.

While getting more into the BMX scene, Adam also began doing graffiti art. During this time he launched a BMX blog called The Comeup back in 2006. He loved writing and even wrote video games reviews as a kid. The website eventually started to earn him a full time income so he left poker behind and founded the OSS brand. This turned into a physical store that is now on Melrose Avenue in Los, Angeles if you’re ever nearby.

In 2015, possibly the best thing Adam done was start the No Jumper podcast where he interviews rappers, producers, and anyone that has got a little bit of a buzz going. Lil Yatchy, Pouya, Xxxtentacion and more have been on which you probably already know. Ok enough with that, lets get into some gear that Adam uses to vlog and make podcasts.

Adam22 Vlogging & Podcast Equipment


If you’re going to start a podcast then you need some good mics to record audio. No one wants to hear fuzz and static while listening so Adam uses the MXL BCD microphones that have a built-in isolation shockmount, windscreen and tuned filter.

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Sony RX100.

For vlogging you don’t need a heavy duty camera because it’ll just be a pain to carry around. Adam22 likes using the Sony RX100 because it has a 20.2 megapixel sensor, 3″ LCD screen and a extremely high quality lens. It also features 1080p recording, image stabilization, and a durable aluminum body. The result is a camera that is lightweight and can record awesome quality videos while you move around easily.

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