Adam LZ Vlog Camera, Biography And More

With humble beginnings as a BMX rider on YouTube, Adam LZ now boasts close to 2 million subscribers and a massive fanbase. He is a 22 year old guy originally from Connecticut that has a passion for biking and cool cars. Since 2016 he also partnered up with the Extreme Video Network to grow his channel. Adam started uploading back in 2013 and continued hustling until he hit 1 million subscribers last year.

In the past his main focuses were school and a clothing business he ran, but as YouTube took off he shifted his priority to it. Adam is a great example of hard work, identifying a good opportunity and grabbing onto it. As a recently married man as well, he knows how to balance everything in his life pretty good for an internet celebrity. Today we’d like to get into Adam LZ’s vlog camera and other gear he uses to make such awesome videos.

Adam LZ Vlog Camera

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II.

Adam uses a few different cameras including the GoPro HERO5 and Canon EOS 60D, but for vlogging he loves his Mark II. This is one of the most used cameras by vloggers and if you’ve read any of our other vlogger profiles, you’ll notice the trend. We can’t blame them though, it’s an investment that will completely transform your videos and their quality.

It’s 1″ 20.1 MP sensor and unique image processor captures image quality that is unmatched by other cameras of its caliber. Don’t worry about lighting stopping you from shooting either because it will take awesome shots no matter where you are. With its 3″ LCD screen, it gives you all of the controls and functions but in a lightweight build so it’s easy to carry around.

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Adam LZ Microphone

VideoMic Pro. 

When you’re vlogging or making videos in general, the last thing you want is static, fuzz or poor audio for your audience. Investing into a quality microphone like the one Adam LZ uses is a wise choice. The VideoMic Pro is another popular choice among successful YouTuber’s for its easy integration onto cameras, high audio quality and lightweight design.

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Adam LZ Editing Software

Adobe Premiere.

If you want a high powered video editing suite then what better brand to go to than Adobe. One of the best parts of Premiere is that there are continually growing libraries of tutorials included that will make you become a editing master. Compared to certain other video editing programs too, Premiere comes at a fair price and includes immediate access to new updates/features.

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Adam LZ Laptop

Apple 15″ MacBook Pro.

The last piece of gear from Adam we want to mention is his laptop.¬†With a clean 15″ screen, you get all of the visual space you need to edit videos and organize yourself. With an i7 processor, a massive 16GB of RAM, and powerful graphics card you can also play games, run tons of programs and do practically anything. You have the choice between a 256GB or 512GB SSD to store all of your files too.

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