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Kripparrian Stream Setup and Gear

Octavian “Kripparrian” Morosan is a streamer and YouTuber, known mostly for his hardcore approach to any game he touches. After tearing apart Path of Exile and Diablo 3, Kripp turned his focus to the online card game Hearthstone. The change has exploded his channels growth, where hordes of people tune in to watch him methodically pick apart opponents for hours on end. Don’t let his calm demeanor fool you, Kripp hustles hard by putting research and dedication into his daily uploads [...]

Sodapoppin Stream Setup & Gear

Sodapoppin is one of the biggest live streamers on and has been a prominent member of the gaming community for many years. He started gaining popularity for his skill in the MMORPG World of Warcraft and we can’t leave out his wild personality. Sodapoppin was known for being extremely entertaining with his excited, quirky, and random persona. Over time he’s slowed down to take streaming more serious as he nets an impressive income from it. We’re going to [...]

Waterproof Solar Panel Backpack

If you are a fan of camping, hiking, and the outdoors then you probably appreciate a quality backpack. Since the spring is here and summer isn’t far away, why not take advantage of the sun while outside? Check available prices and reviews. This backpack boasts a built-in solar panel system with a 2000mAH battery. This means you won’t have to worry about your devices running out of power during your trips. Your phones, lights, laptops and more will always have a [...]

M-Audio HDH50 Headphones Review

When you are on the go as a music producer or engineer, you need suitable headphones that will deliver great quality sound. This assures you get the best mixes and polishing on the track you’re working on.  The HDH50 headphones from M-Audio are in a reasonable price range for those looking to make music while being mobile. Building upon M-Audio’s world-class reference monitor technology, the HDH50 high-definition headphones bridge the gap between studio monitor engineering and private audio. Incorporating premium [...]

128 GB Red Apple iPhone 7 Review

If you are a fan of Apple or iPhone’s then you know the latest addition is the new red model. It boasts a candy apple colour with all the original features of your normal iPhone 7 but with a vibrant appearance. Here is our breakdown of the new smart phone. Specs: Keep everything you love about iPhone up to date, secure, and accessible from any device with iCloud. Multi-Touch display with IPS technology. With just a single press, 3D Touch lets you do [...]

Ableton Live 9 Suite Review

There are many digital audio workstations on the market from FL Studio, Logic, to Ableton and more. Ableton specifically is known for being one of the most powerful and rewarding production software. After you have become familiar with the program you will  be able to make incredible tracks and compositions. Ableton Live 9 Suite edition is the ultimate package for creative music production and performance. It includes the full range of Ableton software instruments and effects, many additional sound libraries [...]

Native Instruments Komplete 11 Select Software Suite Review

Native Instruments never fails to impress us with incredible music production software. As a producer and engineer myself, I understand the importance of valuable VST’s, plugins, and alike. You can have all the skill in the world, but you need great software to back you up. This is our review of Native Instruments Komplete 11 Select Software Suite. KOMPLETE 11 SELECT is a wide-ranging music production suite that will improve any music producers tracks. There are amazing, hand selected samples from drums to [...]

Omnisphere 2 Review

I’ve been  producing and engineering music for almost two years now and no plugin improved my production more than Omnisphere 2. I am a huge fan of reFX Nexus but Omnisphere completely blew it out of the water when it comes to effects, UI, and the incredible library it has. Omnisphere 2 is among the elite virtual synthesizer plugins for any modern producers. This software has a staggering 10,000+ sounds that you can manipulate any way you like. Omnisphere 2 also [...]